Memory Wisdom and Healing

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I’m currently reading this book called ‘Wisdom, Memory and Healing – The History of Domestic Plant Medicine’ by Gabrielle Hatfield. Being incredibly interested in healing plants I wanted to learn a bit more about herbal medicine as practiced in the UK. This book describes numerous home therapies and medicines recounted from oral tradition and also outlines the history of their use. While most modern medical practitioners consider using home remedies a quack, Ms. Hatfield argues that the literate wrote their stereotypes and misunderstood perceptions of traditional medicine and the oral tradition which kept them alive into being – and that a majority of the population has been influenced by these prejudices.

While there seems to be quite a bit of detail outlining contraceptive medicine, traditional herbal remedies for burns, headaches, toothaches, flu, colds, rheumatism, cuts, bruises, bone breaks and other various ailments are also provided.

Who would ever have known that the Elder tree could have as many health and healing benefits that it does? I’m going to have to go home and have another sample of my Elderberry jam.

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