Shitake Mushroom Kit

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In a few weeks time I’ll take part in a wild mushroom hunting course in a park in London. I’m so excited about it that I’m sure I’ve convinced a few of my colleagues that I’m a bit of a nutter. I remember hunting down Shaggy Manes (Shaggy inkcaps) as a child and am excited to learn to identify more types of edible mushrooms.

To get a head-start in my fungal education, I bought a Shitake Mushroom kit from online. Thus far, I’ve placed the set in the sunlight for a couple of weeks then submerged the set in a bucket for 48 hours. Five days ago I took the set out of the bucket and placed it back in its container out in the conservatory. I’m excited to see that quite a few mushrooms are starting to emerge (see picture). My husband is convinced they’re going to poison him but I’m really looking forward to cooking them up in a nice stir-fry when they get a bit larger.

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