Guest Bloggers on Lovely Greens

One thing that I’ve learned in my time blogging is that no story is ever one-sided and that it’s interaction with others that keeps you going. Whether it’s interviewing someone for a post or chatting to people through comments, blogging is at its core all about community, continued learning, and being inspired by others. That’s why I decided it’s time to invite some talented bloggers to post on Lovely Greens. The idea is to feature tutorials on ways others live simply, create clever crafts, furniture, and products, and grow their own food.

Please have a browse through the guest posts listed below and visit the guest writer’s blogs to leave comments and ask questions. I hope these posts will inspire you as much as they’ve inspired me!

Chicken Tractors 
with Liz from Eight Acres

Liz writes on Chicken Tractors, a type of portable pen that can be used for raising chickens in both farm and backyard settings.

Gardening on a Budget 
with Elaine from A Woman of the Soil

Elaine writes on ways to garden and produce a harvest on a budget including ways to make the most of your seeds, water, compost, and how to create upcycled gardening containers.

Off-Grid Living 
with Dani from Eco Footprint ~ South Africa

Dani’s post focuses on her move to an Off-Grid property and how she and her husband live an eco-sensitive and comfortable life without being hooked up to the mains.

Building a Permanent Chicken Coop 
with Staci from Life at Cobble Hill Farm

Probably the biggest financial barrier to starting up with chickens is buying the hen house. In this post Staci gives info on the essential features of coop construction and guidelines on building one yourself.

Making Your Own Country Wines 
with Ben from Ben’s Adventures in Wine Making

You can make your own wine from practically any edible fruit, vegetable, and flower, and author Ben Hardy shows us how to get started. He also shares two of his own delicious recipes: Strawberry wine and Rose Petal wine.

Making Your Own Country Wines 
with Leigh from 5 Acres and a Dream

Leigh shares on how she got started keeping goats on her farm in the USA and what she’s learned in selecting breeds for different situations and needs.