A small family-owned nursery on the Isle of Man I’ve been tidying up the greenhouse and thoughts of tomatoes have been on my mind. Mainly I’ve been thinking about where to buy plants and which varieties to choose. Last year I grew Red and Yellow Currant tomatoes which are tiny and unusual but this year I want to grow something more traditional. I’ve been envisioning growing a sweet salad tomato and ‘Gardeners Delight‘, a cherry tomato that I know I love. With this in mind, my interest was piqued at a post that Ballanelson

I’m racing against the clock You can tell that spring is almost here by the sunlight.  I felt it streaming in through the car window yesterday and the shadows in front of me looked different — they looked like spring. With the heat on full blast it felt like spring too and that made me both happy and panicky. We’re coming to the time of the year where seeds need sowing and plants need tending. The season of catching up on digging and garden projects is coming to a close. The new garden pond At

Making lotion is easy and saves a lot of money I’m pretty sure that most people would be shocked to know just how easy it is to make lotion. All it’s made of is water, a bit of oil, an emulsifier, and a few extra ingredients that give scent and prolong shelf-life. Mixing them together is easy and very similar to making mayonnaise if you’ve tried that before. If not, trust me when I say it’s easy. The other thing people might be shocked to know is just how much water

I was brought up believing a different family history As soon as I got my DNA results in I messaged my mom. We had to talk. You see, my Dad’s side of the family pride themselves on being Italian. We grew up with the tradition of homemade ravioli on Christmas and my great-grandma even had a sign on the garage door saying ‘Parking for Italians Only’. When I got my results back I caught my breath at just how little Italian I was — just 2%. I felt sick to my stomach. AncestryDNA

Building a small pond can help with slug problems As an organic gardener I’m always looking for ways that will help make gardening easier while keeping a natural ethos. One challenge that I have year after year is slugs — they’re an absolute nightmare and my one temptation to resort to chemical control: Slug pellets. Unfortunately he organic types don’t seem to work for me and the standard ones are harmful to the soil and to other animals. It was while pondering this dilemma that I came up with the

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