The Garden is coming into its Own It’s been two years since I started working on my new plot. Slowly but surely it’s changed from a plastic covered patch of earth to a recognisable kitchen garden. There are still many projects on the go but the garden is on the path I want it to take — low maintenance, productive, and pretty to look at. It’s the perfect time to take you on a video garden tour. Watch my Garden Tour Watch the video embedded above for a walk-around my

Gentle hand soap with shea butter and poppy seeds Many handmade soap recipes focus on creating luxurious bars for the whole body but really what part of you do you wash the most? Hands! Especially if you’re a dedicated kitchen gardener. The trouble is, most bar soaps leave your hands feeling tight and uncomfortable after you wash so many of us opt for liquid soaps. That’s alright but making your own bars of all-natural gardener’s hand soap is better. Bar soap lasts longer, is completely natural, and is very effective at

Get Outside on the Isle of Man I’ve recently been chatting to the Manx Wildlife Trust about fun things to do on the Isle of Man. June is a big month for them and they’re encouraging people to get outdoors every day with their 30 Days Wild campaign. Whether it’s having your lunch outside or exploring the Island, the idea is to recharge and make use of our beautiful countryside.  To make things easier, they’ve also planned quite a few events that you can book into via their website. Close Sartfield I met

I’m a 2017 YouTube Next Up Winner About a month ago I was sipping my morning coffee and scanning Emails. Among the usual orders, press releases, and paid requests to post on my blog (no thanks), was a message from YouTube Next Up. It began with “Hello! Sit down, you might not be ready for this…” and for a split second I thought it was spam. I almost deleted it. Then I remembered the contest I’d entered in April and read on. Again I thought it was spam because it

The World in a Garden Spread across more than 106 acres, the Berlin botanical garden is more than just glass houses. It’s outdoor plantings that comprise many of the garden’s 20,000 different plants and trees. The park is designed to showcase plants of the world and you can walk through everything from the grasslands of North America to the arid flora of Spain. A couple of days ago I shared photos of inside the massive tropical and arid glass houses — you can see my photos of those over here. Below are

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