Handmade tea lights are easy and inexpensive to make If you’re looking for inspiration for a handmade gift idea then look no further. Most people would be thrilled to receive a candle as a present and scented tea lights are even better. They can be lit on dining room tables, bath tubs, or practically anywhere you’d like. Not only that, but they’re easy and inexpensive to make which means you can give high quality gifts without breaking the bank. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued

Every two weeks you can order fresh Isle of Man produce from the Food Assembly If you love the convenience of an online Tesco shop, and would like to eat more local produce, the Food Assembly is for you. Every two weeks I get an Email letting me know that the Assembly is open. Then I head to the website, select which items I want to buy and then pay online. I’ve ordered twice now and heading to Noa Bakehouse to pick up my order is the highlight of my day. I

Bulbs need a period of cold for them to bloom Gardening is a planning game. In fact dreaming about your garden, planning how it will look, and planning what you’ll eat is one of the best things about it. Every seed and every plant has its own needs and knowing them is part of becoming a gardener. You can’t just plant a seed at any old time and expect it to grow. The same goes for flower bulbs and they need a period of cold for them to bloom in spring. That’s why

Without honeybees, our way of life wouldn’t exist Today across America, families will be gathering around feasts thankful for what they have. Thanksgiving is about family, good fortune, and goodwill but it’s also about plenty. No one would feel thankful sitting around an empty table. Though most people wouldn’t think to be thankful for honeybees it’s thanks to them that we have food on our plates. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support of this site! No pollination = no food I thought about this while

Recycle wine bottles into handmade candles There are a few ways to cut glass bottles. Most of the methods I’ve seen use flammable materials and fire which I’m happy to stay away from, thanks. I’ve found that using the Diamond Tech Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter makes things pretty easy though. The tool creates a perfect score around the glass so that when the bottle is alternately exposed to heat and cold the bottle breaks cleanly around the line. When the bottle separates, you can use the lower half as a glass,

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