The World in a Garden Spread across more than 106 acres, the Berlin botanical garden is more than just glass houses. It’s outdoor plantings that comprise many of the garden’s 20,000 different plants and trees. The park is designed to showcase plants of the world and you can walk through everything from the grasslands of North America to the arid flora of Spain. A couple of days ago I shared photos of inside the massive tropical and arid glass houses — you can see my photos of those over here. Below are

An Oasis in the Heart of Berlin For months I’ve been planning one of my best friend’s Hen Do’s (Bachelorette Party). After a lot of debate we twelve decided on heading to Berlin for a weekend of cocktail making classes, nice dinners, and catching up. With so many of us peppered throughout Europe it’s a rarity to all be together in one place. To make sure everything went smoothly, I arrived a day early and stayed with a friend who lives in Berlin. Little did I know that he had

Use colourful glass to create a magical Garden Stone I live near the beach and one of my favourite hobbies is collecting sea glass. These pieces of broken bottles and jars have been softened by the action of the waves and the grinding of the rocks on the shore. In some cases the original colour morphs over time into something different and altogether more special. A couple of years ago I came up with the idea of creating a piece that captures that moment of when I find these treasures

Preserve spring rhubarb in sweet soft-set jam Make sweet soft-set rhubarb jam with tender red rhubarb stems. Make it with only three ingredients and very simple instructions. Spring rhubarb is the earliest homegrown treat but it only lasts a short while. After spring you’ll need to wait another year to taste it again so while the stems are red you should set about making jam. Especially sweet soft-set jam that can be spooned over pancakes, desserts, ice cream, and buttered bread. This recipe will make four small jars so if you’d like more, double

Creative garden features you can DIY for free You can spend a fortune kitting out your garden with edging, artwork, plant supports, and other garden features. Fortunately, there’s a lot of projects that you can DIY. Better yet, you can do-it-yourself with free materials like sticks and branches. When you’re next pruning your trees, bushes, grapevines, or raspberry canes, set the pieces aside for some of these projects. If you have willow growing on your land even better since it can be used to create all sorts of attractive and useful

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