Green thumbs weigh in on what they hope is waiting for them under the tree Many gardeners are modest folk and will insist that they don’t want anything for Christmas! If this is what you’re dealing with in your own friends and family circle then have so fear — I’ve done your homework for you. This week I asked gardeners on my Facebook page what they’d be happy to have as a gift and this is what they said. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support

This month is about clearing up the garden and putting it to bed for the winter. Gardening is mainly a warm weather pastime. Plants resurrect themselves in spring and then gradually as the weather warms up they start filling out and basking in the sunshine. It’s the same with people, and we generally want to take our vacations around the same time that the garden needs our help. Sometimes you have to leave it to get on with other things you want to do though. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank

Grow garlic the organic way One of the easiest crops to grow in an organic garden is garlic. It’s hardy, suffers few pests, and in mid-summer will reward you with dozens of bulbs that can be dried out and used over the next six months to a year. For the past four years I’ve grown my own crops organically, transforming each garlic clove I plant into a brand new bulb. I’ve learned a lot over that time but most of all I’ve learned that growing garlic is easy. If you’re just starting out and

Candy colored Christmas bath bombs made with natural ingredients Bath bombs are easy to make and are always well received as gifts. They’re made of ingredients that will make your bath water fizz and sparkle, releasing scented essential oils. This recipe also uses Epsom Salt which is rich in the trace mineral Magnesium. The mineral is best absorbed by your skin in the bath so not only are these fun and pretty, but they’re good for you too. Each of these four Christmas Tree fizzies can be made in just

As a non-vegetarian, this is the BEST chili I’ve ever made For years I’ve been making a version of this chili but have always used ground beef. Now that I’m trying to cut back on meat, I’ve been experimenting with some of my tried and tested recipes by making them meat-free. This is the best recipe yet and uses Quorn** as the meaty part of the soup. It’s simmered with rich spices, red wine, black beans and served with creamy avocado slices. Best of all, it’s ready in about thirty

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