Create attractive garden edging with free materials Did you know that if you google ‘use raspberry canes’ or even ‘raspberry canes diy’ that absolutely no ideas come up? Every gardener who grows raspberries goes through the same winter ritual — taking out the old wood. Whether you have autumn or summer fruiting varieties you’ll be left with a bundle of canes that generally gets burned or composted. They seem like such a shame to ‘waste’ though, especially when you consider the other materials that we buy to bring into the garden like willow, hazel, and

Naturally coloured purple with Alkanet Root In this rose-geranium soap recipe you’ll use the natural colouring properties of Alkanet root, scent from my favourite essential oil, and dried rose petals to decorate. This is a type of Castile soap so the main oil in the recipe is olive oil. The additional coconut oil and castor oil are to help create beautiful bubbles, beeswax helps to harden the bars, and the shea butter makes the soap gentle and moisturising.   Alkanet Root gives soap a natural purple colour As a natural soap

Black plastic laid on the ground will kill weeds Once the excitement of starting a new garden wears off for beginner gardeners, the questions begin. One of the most common is ‘What’s the first step?’. How do I convert a piece of lawn or overgrown allotment into a productive garden? The best way to start is to remove the vegetation and especially the perennial weeds. If your goal is to grow organically, there’s an easy way for you to do this — suppress the weeds with Black Plastic Sheeting. This

Scented with lavender oil & caramelized honey When it comes to making handmade soap I like to keep it simple. Natural colors, real flowers and herbs, and plant-dervived scents. This recipe follows on that ethos and sticks to the subtle scent of lavender essential oil blended with the sweet fragrance of warmed honey. It’s a combo that worked well for me in a cookie recipe and I might say that it does even better in a bar of handmade soap! Decorated with dried Lavender flowers What I also like about this

A tome of clever ideas for the crafty & frugal gardener As an organic gardener I’m always trying to learn new ways to grow a nutritious and beautiful garden on the cheap. Gardening is one of those hobbies where you can succeed by spending an absolute fortune or practically nothing at all — it really just comes down to learning the tricks of the trade. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support of this site! Ideas from the book Though I’m always scanning Pinterest for ideas, I’m

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