Sea Glass Foraging + Project Ideas

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Inexpensive ‘Sea Jewels’ for DIY Projects

For those who love a good DIY, you’ll know that free craft materials that look incredible are rare. One of the exceptions is sea glass and if you live near the beach you potentially have a treasure trove of sea jewels to find!

One of my favourite hobbies (aside from gardening) is looking for sea glass on the beach. New pieces are unearthed after storms and one of my hunting grounds is also near a couple of old shipwrecks. That means that pieces of old pottery and glass show up regularly. Watch the video below to see my spot ↓

Trash to Treasure

Sea glass is a true trash-to-treasure success story. It all begins as broken glass and bottles that find its way into the sea. Over time, the waves and shore smooth and polish it into pieces of soft glass that can be used to make beautiful pieces for the home and garden. Here are 30 sea glass craft ideas including jewelry, candles, and a sea glass stepping stone.

Sea Glass Foraging + Project Ideas

Blue sea glass is quite rare

Help keep the beaches tidy

Even though sea glass has humble origins as waste, please don’t throw more glass into the sea. It really doesn’t need any more trash than is already floating around in its waters (you’ll see what I mean in the video).

Instead, visit the beach, collect sea glass to take home and bring an extra bag to fill with any rubbish you find. Where there’s a beach, there inevitably will be plastic bottles, straws, and other trash. Take it home with you to recycle or bin and consider your beach combing finds a reward for good work 🙂

Sea Glass Foraging + Project Ideas

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  1. Raj says:

    Hi T, liked the sea glass article.. great! Kudos!!

  2. Caro says:

    Lovely soothing video, this is one of my favourite pastimes when I’m near the coast. I’m amazed that you resisted the driftwood on the beach, it’s one of my go to creative resources for crafting. Glass that I’ve picked up from the beach near my parents’ house or from the Isle of Wight I assumed was due to modern day sailors chucking beer or wine bottles overboard – nothing so romantic as a shipwreck! The litter on our beaches is dreadful and so damaging to wildlife – well done for picking it up.

    • Lovely to hear from you Caro 🙂 It was too much of a slog to carry back anything other than lightweight pieces. But maybe when I have a project idea I’ll head back and see what wood I can find.

      Litter is sadly a problem on every beach — it doesn’t seem like there’s a part of the world that’s unaffected. We have a great group on the Island who do organised beach tidy ups — we truly need more Beach Buddies!

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