Simple Apple & Cinnamon Muffins

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With November in full swing and the days growing darker I find myself dusting off favourite comfort food recipes. Steak pie, Swedish Meatballs, banana bread and stews are once again appearing on the table. Though I try to be healthy, salads just don’t cut it for me when winter starts drawing in. It’s at this time of year that I truly enjoy rich, filling dishes that leave you feeling warm and content.

One of my favourite things to eat during the autumn and winter is muffins still warm from the oven. I wanted to make a batch yesterday and so had a look through my kitchen for fruit. I had blueberries and bilberries in the freezer and a dozen or so apples sitting on the counter. All the more reason to make apple crumble, apple pie, apple turnovers, apple pancakes and yes, apple muffins.

Simple recipe for moist and homemade Apple & Cinnamon Muffins #breakfast

Apple & Cinnamon Muffins
Makes 12 muffins
1 cup Plain Flour
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
2 tsp Baking Powder
1/2 tsp Sea Salt
1 tsp Cinnamon
1/8 tsp Nutmeg
1/2 cup Milk
2 Eggs
2 Tbsp melted Butter
1 cup Apple, peeled and chopped/grated
Cinnamon for sprinkling

1. Preheat your convection oven to 160°C (320°F); 180°C (350°F) for ordinary ovens. Line a 12-hole deep muffin tin with paper cases.


2. Place your dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.

3. Melt the butter then mix it into the dry ingredients.

4. Whisk the eggs and milk together then mix into the batter as well.

5. Place the chopped/grated apples into a bowl and then sprinkle about a teaspoon of flour over them. Stir well to coat and then fold the apples into the batter. The flour in this step helps the apples to not fall to the bottom of your muffins while baking.

6. Fill the muffin cases evenly and then bake for 25 minutes. Let them cool for at least twenty minutes before tucking in. You can have them as-is or sprinkle them with cinnamon or your choice of glaze before serving. Enjoy ~

Simple recipe for moist and homemade Apple & Cinnamon Muffins #breakfast

17 Discussion to this post

  1. Fran says:

    These look good, cinnamon is my favourite spice xxxx

  2. I do agree about needing comfort food now that the days are colder Tanya.
    I sometimes make muffins, but the trouble is that I cannot resist eating ore than one – or two.

  3. These look delish, I love anything with cinnamon. Wonder if my non
    fruit- eating but cake-loving daughter would be tempted? Will have to try….

  4. You know what? I have all the ingredients, so I am making them right NOW! Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Sounds divine..I will be making some of these on friday I think!!

  6. Ash says:

    Thank you so much for the recipe. Quite easy to make I guess 🙂
    The tips for the flour coating the apple is great!
    Never thought of that before.

  7. Heather says:

    They look and sound so good! I love warm muffins fresh out of the oven too!

  8. Tanya darling! Apple + cinnamon + muffins = good. beautiful photo btw!

    p.s. i also love swedish meatballs.


  9. They look absolutely delicious! Don't you just love the smell of apple and cinnamon baking??? 🙂

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