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It’s been another busy week at Lovely Greens HQ but I did manage to sneak in a day off so that I could go to a basket weaving course. The above image shows my final piece in all its naturally coloured glory! The red bits are from Dogwood and the other colours are from various types of willow. I’m also pleased to say that it has already become a functional part of the household – currently as a table container for salt, pepper, and cloth napkins. I’d like to make more baskets when I have spare time and hope that I can remember all the steps and weaves when I eventually get around to it again.

Tomorrow’s Christmas Fair in Laxey is the start of a hectic three weeks for me. From now until early December I’ll be out at events large and small, public and private, with loads of my handmade soap, gift sets, balms, etc. I enjoy this time of year but won’t lie when I say that it’s hard work! I also predict that I won’t be posting as much on my blog during this time so if you’d like to see what Lovely Greens is up to please visit (and like) my Facebook page.

In the meantime, have a look at some of my week’s favourite links, ideas and tutorials and have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Reading


Murmuration is my word of the week. It describes a huge flock of birds that seems to dance in the air, creating in-flight patterns and shapes. However, this sequence, by Alain Delorme for his piece ‘A Bird Ballet’, is created using plastic bags.

Murmuration…with plastic bags

Many early flowers grow from bulbs and rhizomes that are planted in the fall and start growing before the ground has a chance to warm up. Irises are no different and this short but informative tutorial gives clear instructions on how to get them in the ground in time for springtime colour.

How to plant Bearded Iris

I’ve seen some wild cakes in my time but I’d never have thought to make one using cucumbers. I’ll bet it’s lovely and juicy though so have bookmarked the recipe for when I have some cucumbers from the garden next year.

Recipe for Cucumber & Lemon Cake with Elderflower icing

Part three of my four-part soap series is live and ready to help you create your own handmade soap recipes. This post gives information on recipe calculators, ingredients, and quantities needed for making your own natural soap at home. The last of the series will be posted early next week.

How to Make Natural Soap: Part 3 – Basic Recipes and Formulating Your Own

The Empress of Dirt shares some valuable tips on how to write excellent tutorials. Some include ‘Plan your Photos’, ‘Make the Instructions Printable’, and ‘Be Yourself’. A great resource for writers and bloggers alike.

Tips for Writing Excellent Tutorials

Did you know that you can make your own natural homemade cough syrup using just three ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen? For the recipe, click the link below.

Recipe for Homemade Cough Syrup

Staci over at Life at Cobble Hill Farm shows us how to make these lovely homemade Christmas ornaments out of salt dough. Easy, inexpensive, and it looks like a lot of fun!

6 Weeks of Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas – Week2: Salt Dough Ornaments

I just had to sneak this one in! Two parents in the States came up with the idea to convince their kids that their toy dinosaurs come to life every night in November. Sounds like so much fun for both parents and kids! Follow the link below to see what mischief the dinosaurs get up to 🙂

Welcome to Dinovember: A month-long imagination invasion

…and here are a few highlights from my week at work and Facebook page:

I’m hosting a giveaway on my Facebook page for your choice of either of these Lovely Greens Indulgence sets. Keep it for yourself or set it aside as a Christmas present for a very lucky recipient – your choice! To enter, please like this facebook post, and leave a comment. Also read the T&Cs in the post description.

This past week has seen me busying myself in preparation for the Christmas rush. I’ve been making literally hundreds of lip balms, candles, body balms, soaps, and gift sets that I hope to find homes for at my upcoming events. I’m also offering free shipping until November 30th through my online shop so if you’re interested use the code NovemberOffer when checking out. If you live outside the UK/IoM, the code will give you £2.75 off your order.

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  1. Nice basket work, hope you have good sales this season!

  2. It all looks gorgeous, packed beautifully, I hope you have a big selling month!

  3. Beautiful basket, made better by those various colours Tanya. I am now off to look at those lovely boxed sets with a view to Christmas presents.

  4. Reifyn says:

    That's a beautiful basket! If it's naturally coloured, where did you find the blue bit from? Blue willow? But I suppose if you've got little kangaroos and Rick Wakeman on the Isle of Man, you might just have blue willow too.

  5. ~~Melissa says:

    Thank you for including me! Nice variety of links to explore. Best wishes for your upcoming adventures. Your products look gorgeous.

  6. Your basket looks great Tanya, maybe you'll get chance again to do some more after the Christmas rush. Enjoy the fair!!

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