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The end is in sight…Christmas! For the past month I’ve literally had no time to craft, garden, decorate, cook, or do anything other than work on the Lovely Greens Handmade side of things. I had my last Christmas fair yesterday though and aside from some final deliveries today I think I’m finally going to be able to take a few days off. If the weather clears up a bit I may even get out to plant some garlic and I also need to start making more soap for next year. I don’t count that as work by the way!

Weekend Reading ~ Share-worthy pieces I’ve recently come across. Enjoy the pieces and have a great weekend!

The holidays mean delicious food, great parties, and for many of us, far too much alcohol. While many people now how to look for healthier choices when it comes too food, the Food Babe answers our questions on what to look for when choosing your boozy beverages.

Healthy holiday drinking: A guide from the Food Babe

Last year I might have planted my garlic bulbs in November but the traditional day to get those cloves in the soil is the shortest day of the year – the Winter Solstice. That day is December 21st so if you have  your bulbs ready why not head out to the garden and plant your first crop of 2014? Here’s how:

Planting Garlic

It may have taken awhile but I finally posted the last post in my How to Make Natural Soap series. In this post you’ll see the exact process of making the soap, pouring into moulds, cutting, and curing it. There are also links to the previous three posts which cover ‘Ingredients’, ‘Equipment’, and ‘Basic Recipes & Formulating Your Own’

How to Make Natural Soap – Make, Mould, and Cure

Designer Marco Castro came up with the idea of using forgotten spaces, such as the roofs of buses, to create mobile green spaces. The idea is mainly about creating better aesthetics and to help reduce the vehicle’s carbon footprint. I’m not sure how much CO2 each could absorb but I absolutely love this idea. Imagine looking down from a tall building and seeing dozens of mini gardens driving past.

Roof Gardens That Move Around The City

So you thought peppermint was limited to a cup of tea did you? Amy from A Healthy Life for Me presents forty different holiday recipes where peppermint is the star!

Peppermint Recipe Ideas

If you raise livestock for food then late autumn and winter are generally the times that your animals sent to slaughter. As Blue Yurt Farms says, it’s probably the hardest part of Homesteading…

The Hard Part of Homesteading: Saying Goodbye

And just because it’s SO adorable…

What This Man Found In A Bag Of Mulch Will Blow Your Mind. What He Did With It Will Melt Your Heart.

…and a couple of highlights from my week and Facebook page:

I looked in on my hives this week to make sure that they had enough honey to last them for awhile. The good news is that they’ve got plenty of stores but the bad news is I think I’m going to lose the colony in the green hive. I need to call and speak to one of my beekeeping mentors but I think that they’ve picked up a fungal infection called Nosema. It appears to be somewhat treatable but the medications used can’t easily be given in the winter. I’ll post an update on them soon.

Don’t you love this poster of bee-friendly flowers and herbs? Other than the initials HMR I have no idea who  created it or I’d give them a nice introduction here.

Planting for wildlife has benefits not just for the little creatures who benefit directly from the pollen and nectar but also for the rest of the food chain including all the little insects and organisms that live in our  flower gardens and vegetable patches. Planting for wildlife means a better balance of insects in your growing spaces, better pollination potential, and a better harvest and/or display for yourself.

With the Winter Solstice on the 21st comes the gradual lightening and lengthening of the days. Though spring is still a ways away, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about what you want to plant now!

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  1. You will have to go on holiday after Christmas, hope you get lots of sales over the next few days!

  2. Love the story about the baby squirrel. I will not be thrusting my trowel into a bag of mulch or compost any time soon! Thanks for the links and have a wonderful Holiday.

  3. CJ says:

    A lovely post Tanya, so glad you have some days off coming up. Your soaps look wonderful, I hope the fairs have gone well for you. I hoping for some allotment time as well in the next couple of weeks. So much still to do! I hope you have a good Christmas and a very happy and successful New Year.

  4. Tanya Walton says:

    Fingers crossed for the colony in your green hive Tanya. Remember to find some time to relax over the Christmas period…you deserve it!!

  5. Leigh says:

    Tanya, wishing you the very merriest Christmas.

  6. Your soaps look good enough to eat. All the best and wishing you healthy growth for 2014 xx

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here's the original illustration : http://www.hannahrosengren.com/help-save-bees.html
    It's made by the american illustrator Hannah Rosengren 😉

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