DIY Handmade Calendula & Honey Body Cream

Recipe and instructions for making handmade Calendula & Honey Body Cream
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Make your own moisturizing body cream

The weather on the Isle of Man over the past few weeks has been hot, then rainy, then windy, then back to being sunny again. It’s nice to have a bit of moisture for growing plants but the constant change is hard on your skin, and can leave it feeling chapped, dry, and in some cases burned.

The simplest remedy to treat environmental damage is to moisturize it with protective cream. You could of course buy it but it’s far more fun and less expensive to make it yourself. Another benefit to making your own is that you can control which ingredients you use and keep it as natural as possible.

Recipe and instructions for making handmade Calendula & Honey Body Cream

Body creams are easier to make than you’d think

Making handmade and natural creams is easier than you might think. Lotions and creams are basically water and oil held together by a cosmetic emulsifier and topped off with optional ingredients such as essential oils, luxury oils, preservatives, and other extras.

You can think of making a cream like you would of making mayonnaise – but instead of using egg to bind water and oil together you use Emulsifying Wax. Though there are other emulsifiers, E-Wax is the easiest to use for the home and hobby beauty producer.

Recipe and instructions for making handmade Calendula & Honey Body Cream

Ingredients that soothe and moisturize

The ingredients in this recipe for natural body cream are chosen to help soothe irritated skin, to moisturize, and to promote healing. Included is an infusion of oats which creates natural glide and helps treat inflammation and sunburns.

The extract of Calendula petals helps to promote healing of minor cuts and reduce the chance of scarring and honey provides natural moisture and additional healing properties. It’s a simple recipe using only a handful of ingredients and that I feel confident that anyone could make it.

Recipe and instructions for making handmade Calendula & Honey Body Cream

Handmade Calendula, Oats, & Honey Body Cream

Makes approx 100g/ml. To learn more about making infusions in water and oil please read this post

80g Water infused with quick oats
16g Sweet Almond Oil infused with Calendula Flowers
8g Emulsifying Wax
2g Honey
1g Vitamin E Oil
Optional: 5-25 drops of your choice of essential oil
Broad spectrum cosmetic preservative Liquid Germall Plus Preservative

Heat proof bowls and containers
A handheld milk frother. This is the one I use: Ikea Milk-frother

Recipe and instructions for making handmade Calendula & Honey Body Cream

1. The first step is making your oats infused water. The rule of thumb for making water infusions is one cup of boiling (filtered or distilled) water to 1tsp (28g/1oz) dried plant material. Read more about infusions here. To make your oats infusion, pour the boiling water over 1tsp quick oats and allow it to sit for five minutes. Strain the liquid out and discard the remaining oats. Weigh 80g of the liquid and use it for this recipe.

2. To make your Calendula infused oil please again refer to ‘DIY Oil Infusion’.

3. Place your oil and emulsifying wax in a heat proof container and melt them in either a microwave or a double boiler (essentially a pan set within another pan filled with hot water).

4. When the oil and wax are completely but only just melted (you don’t want it to get super hot), submerge the milk frother in the oil and slowly add the oats water. Turn the frother on but try not to get air into your cream. Keep ‘frothing’ until your mixture resembles cream/lotion. You can also use an ordinary whisk for this step but again, avoid getting air into your cream if you can.

5. Add the honey, vitamin e oil, and the optional ingredients and stir them in well. Spoon the cream into an air-tight container and use within one week if you have opted to not use a preservative. A preservative can extend the shelf-life for eighteen months or longer.

Recipe and instructions for making handmade Calendula & Honey Body Cream
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  1. Tanya, You make everything easy…Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes…Now to collect the things to make it…:)

    • Some things you'll already have in your cupboard or garden Judy…Calendula and oatmeal for sure and probably honey too! I should also mention that extra virgin olive oil is another good liquid oil to use in this cream but it is a bit heavier than sweet almond or grapeseed oils.

  2. Patti Estep says:

    Love the frothing technique. I only ever made salves and oils. Calendula works great on my skin. love it!

  3. Amber Meyers says:

    Great post! What a beautiful blog you have!

  4. Jess M. says:

    What would you recommend for a preservative?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lovely recipe but I wouldn't say preservative is optional. I don't think most people understand bacteria and mold WILL grow. It's just about in how much time.

    • It's optional in the way the food doesn't need a preservative if refrigerated and used within a certain timeframe. For this cream you probably want to use it within a week before it begins to spoil. It should also be refrigerated during that time 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    How much oat infused water should I use. It says 8 og. Not sure I know what that means. Is it 8 oz?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tanya, I absolutely love all of your lotions and potions!! Could you tell me where to find Geogard Ultra please. I am Irish and am having trouble getting it.
    Thanks, Jackie

  8. Hi Tanya, have spent the past 2 days browsing your website – so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for being so generous in sharing your knowledge and creativity. Just wanted to ask if I could use natural beeswax as emulsifier here? And if the preservatives you mention are natural? Thank you.

  9. Divab03 says:

    How much product does this recipe make?

  10. Thanks to share information about hand made body care products

  11. Chandice says:

    Hi 😀
    Isn’t vitamin E considered a preservative. I use it a lot in my homemade face creams and have had no problems with the creams getting rancid. Just wondering. Love your recipes so much! 😀


    • lovelygreens says:

      It’s a common misunderstanding but no, Vitamin E is not a preservative. It’s an antioxidant which means it stops oils from going rancid and also is said to help with anti-aging. It will not protect your lotions and creams from being infested with yeast or bacteria. There are also different grades of Vitamin E and the oils that you buy at the shop have so little actual Vitamin E in them that they’re fairly useless for most beauty treatments. Look for the IU (International Unit count) of Vitamin E to carrier oil to know exactly how much Vitamin E is in your oil. Often times, the Vitamin E in capsules, taken as dietary supplements, are far better than “Vitamin E” sold for skincare.

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