Daisy Blue and our first Camp Out

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip #lovelygreens
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I can’t believe that I own a Volkswagen Camper… Daisy Blue is her name and she was born the very same year that I was. In fact that’s the reason I even put in an offer. Her license plate includes 79T – our birth year and the first letter of my name. It was a sign.

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip

It’s incredible to think that she’s been knocking around for just as long as I have and I wish I could know more about her past adventures. I hope that whatever places, events, and people she’s seen won’t compare to what I have in store for her though. She’s going to take us on trips to discover more of the Isle of Man — you’ll be along for those adventures — and she’ll be perfect for bringing my Lovely Greens products to the Farmers Market and to local events. I can already picture my stall set up over the awning that attaches to her side.

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip #lovelygreens

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip

Daisy Blue was dropped off on Saturday and within the hour my boyfriend Josh and I were on the road. We didn’t plan too far ahead other than wanting to camp on the beach and away from the distractions of people and technology. The only entertainment we brought was a pack of playing cards and the CD player in the dash. When was the last time you’ve set out not knowing the destination? Having this little blue van in my life for the blink of an eye was already making me feel more free.

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip

I had heard that there are a few places up north that you could camp at informally so we set out to find them. We drove down narrow country lanes, up and down hills that the camper struggled on a little (bless her, she’s not got the most powerful of engines), and finally we arrived on the west side of the island. We didn’t even have to hunt around for that long before we found the perfect spot on a nearly deserted beach. How could such a beautiful place be nearly empty of people?

Josh and I spent our time exploring the beach and playing around in the sand. With my phone nearly dead and stashed in the van I really had no idea what time it was when we got hungry. It’s a precious thing to not be ruled by the clock.

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip

After a few Shandies, some sausage baps, and listening to tunes we crawled into the ‘Rock-and-Roll Bed’ as the sun was descending past the horizon. We were lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves on the sand and the breeze rustling through the grasses. I don’t think I’ve had a better night’s rest in a long while.

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip #lovelygreens

She might not be modern, fuel efficient, or even practical in some ways but none of it matters because of the grin I have from ear to ear. This is the first vehicle I’ve ever owned that has personality and such positive vibes. You can’t help but feel happy driving around in her top speed of 50mph and it forces you to make the trip about the journey and not the destination.

I’m happy to have her and am pleased to introduce you to her too. May there be many more days spent with Daisy Blue and may she continue to inspire spontaneity and a love for this beautiful island we call home.

Taking Daisy Blue, the Volkswagen Camper on her first weekend trip


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  1. Cassie says:

    Beautiful photos! I’m jealous of your camper. We have been researching camper vans for a little while, but we are definitely a long way away from buying one.

  2. Karen Rink says:

    It was fate, Lucky You!!

  3. Sue says:

    Tanya, You most certainly are the envy of a lot of people right now, me included, may your adventures and love for Daisy Blue long continue, just send us a post card now and again, Please !!!
    Best wishes
    Sue xxx

  4. Sue says:

    Oh she’s lovely and I’m totally jealous. I hope you have many, many years of fun and freedom with her.

    Oh … and I love that you even painted your toenails to match her 🙂

  5. Andrea Randall says:

    She is beautiful and so you (I imagine).
    I can just picture you selling your wonderful soap from the awning.
    What a find, well done.


  6. Linda Ly says:

    What a beauty! And this is such a wonderful post. Your joy just leaps off the page! Enjoy your newfound adventures!

    • lovelygreens says:

      I’m still soooo happy 🙂 I hope to take Daisy on another camp out soon but first it’s Venice and cheating on her with a gondola. Thanks for the message Linda!

  7. tauna says:

    how much fun! what a neat ride, too. beautiful photos of your island.

  8. Rachel Rowe says:

    I know exactly how you feel! We purchased Maurice, our T25 campervan in May and I absolutely adore going away in him. We are off to Cornwall soon to go surfing. Will be cranking up the Beach Boys on the drive down 🙂

    • lovelygreens says:

      Maurice! LOVE the name 🙂 You know, owning a VW is like being in a special club isn’t it? Have a GREAT trip to Cornwall – it’s definitely on our to-go list too.

  9. Uwe says:


    Hello Tany,
    this is a great post!
    In addition, it has become very beautiful pictures.
    I hope you had a great holiday with Daisy!
    Your island is very beautiful.
    many Greetings

  10. Bohemianwilds says:

    I only wish they sold campers in the states. I wish I could have that same experience.

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