Happy Birthday to Me!

Lovely Greens' outdoor birthday bbq - garden themed cake, seed paper birthday card, friends, food, and happy days!
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If this weekend were a microcosm of what this next year holds then I’ll be a very happy woman. I’m thankful for good friends, my partner Josh who’s been amazing, my two little furballs, loving what I do for work, and the time I’ve been given on this beautiful and magical Earth. I’m even coming to terms with the lines that crinkle around my eyes when I smile because they are the memory of a million happy moments.

I didn’t want to go all out this year and the original idea was just to have a few people around for a barbeque. But before I knew it, we had twenty people here to celebrate my big day! It was an amazing afternoon of great food, merry drinks, and plenty of laughter. It was still informal and relaxed though so absolutely perfect.


I spent the morning cooking up a storm…souvlaki, greek salad, two types of cous cous, and loads of drinks and nibbles. I had enough on my plate so I bought a couple of desserts and was relieved when my friend Clare offered to make a cake. She dropped it off before the party and left me absolutely speechless with her creation. Chocolate sponge became soil, and chocolate Flakes a fence. In the center of my ‘Allotment Garden’ were handmade fondant vegetables that she must have spent hours making. I’ve never had a more fantastic cake and the time and effort she put into it are priceless. The kids at the party say that Clare can do all of their future birthday cakes too (that way they can legitimately say that they eat all of their vegetables!).

Garden themed birthday cake with sugar vegetables, crumbled cookie soil, and a fence made of chocolate.

Garden themed birthday cake with sugar vegetables, crumbled cookie soil, and a fence made of chocolate.


For me, a birthday party is more about friends and fun so I always seem to forget about presents! I honestly love them but it’s so much more important to me that everyone is having a great time and that there’s plenty of food and drink being passed around. So it was with somewhat unexpected delight to receive some fantastic gifts. First of all, Josh scoured my Pinterest fashion board for a handbag I loved and also surprised me with some hiking boots that I needed.

A few friends chipped in for a replica of an Iron Age ring that was worn by a Queen on the Isle of Man. It’s very suiting since my name means Fairy Queen and everyone knows that the island is the abode of the Fair Folk.

VW Camper Van salt and pepper chakers and teapot

VW Camper Van salt and pepper chakers and teapot

One of the cutest presents I received were a teapot and salt and pepper shakers that look like my VW Camper, Daisy Blue. All I’m missing now is this AWESOME VW camper mug (hint hint Joshua). Josh’s parents gave them to me and what made the gift even more special is that they printed off their own wrapping paper with illustrations of a blue VW Camper. They look really cheerful in the kitchen and have made me smile more than once when spotting them on the counter.

If you wanted to see these items on Amazon.com, go here for the teapot, here for the salt and pepper shakers, and here for the mug I want!


My partner Josh who made sure the day was perfect!

Josh was absolutely the best partner a gal could have on her birthday. Not only did he surprise me with gifts and a bouquet of flowers just a few minutes ago but he made sure the party went as smoothly as it could. He mowed the grass, manned the bbq, helped set up and tidy, and kept the tunes flowing. I am truly a lucky woman!

Louis reserving his place at the table

One of the highlights of the day was showing Clare the birthday card she gave to me last year. It was embedded with seeds and this summer I planted it under a thin layer of compost and horticultural grit and waited. In less than eight weeks I had some decent sized tomato plants and a few other wildflowers. It’s the most memorable card I’ve ever received and I can’t wait to try making my own and giving them to others. What a way to give a gift that keeps on giving! Here are some ready made ones that I like the look of.

Birthday card embedded with seeds. Plant the card whole and within eight weeks it had sprouted tomato plants and wildflowers.

Birthday card embedded with seeds. Plant the card whole and within eight weeks it had sprouted tomato plants and wildflowers.

To top off my big day I was also able to brighten the day of someone else. Over the past week I’ve been hosting the giveaway of Louise Curley’s new book, The Crafted Garden – Stylish projects inspired by Nature. I hope that the winner loves the book as much as I do and that her smile when she finds out about her win is as big as mine has been all weekend.

I’ve had such a wonderful birthday and I look forward to my next year journeying around the sun! I’m a lucky woman to have the life that I have and the people who fill it – that more than anything is what I’d like to celebrate both this and on every birthday to come.


USA – The Crafted Garden: Stylish Projects Inspired by Nature

United Kingdom – The Crafted Garden: Stylish Projects Inspired by Nature


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  1. CJ says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday Tanya, it sounds as though you had a wonderful day. The cake is fabulous, and I love the photo of you with your friends – beautiful. I’m wishing you a fantastic year. CJ xx

  2. Patti T. says:

    Awwwww. Happy Birthday, Tanya! Sounds like the most wonderful day for you. You hang on to that wonderful man of yours. Ha Ha. You have such wonderful friends it seems. Glad your ” little fur balls” got to enjoy your birthday with you. I love kitties. I have three of them.

  3. Moya says:

    This looks like a really special and nice party! But I would love to find were to get a card like that? Only if you find out Thank you as always for sharing and again Happy Happy Birthday

  4. Loulou says:

    I’ve been quietly enjoying your lovely blog for a while now, and thought it was high time I said hello 🙂 Happy birthday to you. It certainly looks and sounds like it was a great day. The cake your friend made is amazing. You must have been so touched upon seeing it.

    • lovelygreens says:

      Thank you so much for your hello LouLou…and for your birthday wishes 🙂 I was completely taken aback by the cake…when my friend said she’d make one, this one was not what I expected. I was speechless!

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