Merry Christmas from Lovely Greens

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Instead of snow we have a light rain today on Christmas morning and it suits me just fine! It’s mild and cosy and the perfect weather to tuck up inside with warm drinks and hearty food and that’s exactly what I and Josh will be doing today.

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog recently but that’s due to the Christmas season being so busy with Lovely Greens Handmade. I’ll be back bright eyed and bushy tailed in the new year and until then I wish you all a very happy holiday season. May these days be filled with friends, family, laughter, and that warm cosy feeling of being loved and loving others. Enjoy the holiday cheer and see you in 2016!

PS – The graphic message on the cutting board I’m holding in the photo comes from my friends at Dalewood Craft Designs. They surprised me with it over the weekend and I’m so happy to be able to show it off! I commissioned another custom cutting board that we’ll be giving as a gift today so once it’s been presented I’ll share that fantastic design on Facebook!


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  1. Don Turner says:

    When making soap, and you want to use different oils, and the recipe calls for a certain amount, do you add the oils together to get what the recipe calls for? And
    as for coconut oil, can you use the type you can buy from Wal Mart?


    • lovelygreens says:

      I’m not quite sure I understand your question Don. Do you mean that you’re looking at a recipe that calls for an amount of unspecified oil? If so, discard that recipe immediately. Each oil has its own different saponification (soap making) value and will require more or less lye to transform it into soap. You could end up with a very caustic soap or a soap batch that just won’t trace (set) if you use it.

      As for coconut oil from Walmart – I’ve never seen or used it before but if you look on the ingredients and it’s 100% coconut oil then yes it can be used.

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