15 Inspiring Green & Eco Women

15 Inspiring Green & Eco Women on Instagram: Including Gardeners, Interior Designer, Beekeeper, Homesteader, Herbalist, Park Ranger, and Photojournalist
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Instagram is more than just pretty pictures, it’s a place to find inspiration and to sneak a peek into the lives of people both ordinary and famous. Each time you scroll through your feed you’re presented with images from people you admire or want to learn from. Images that quickly show you an idea or a place or the face of someone who could make an impact in your life.

As a green lifestyle blogger I’m always on the look-out for inspirational women who can help me start the day with a spring in my step. Organic gardeners, Eco-travelers, Beekeepers, and those living life on the farm. These are my top 15 Inspiring Green & Eco Women to follow on Instagram.

15 Inspiring Green & Eco Women on Instagram: Including Gardeners, Interior Designer, Beekeeper, Homesteader, Herbalist, Park Ranger, and Photojournalist

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The Park Ranger: ralfafara
You’ll look long and hard to find a selfie in Becca’s feed. Instead, expect to be wowed by the pure beauty of mountainous wilderness, stretching vistas, and curious wildlife.

The Beekeeper: girlnextdoorhoney
Hilary is a Californian beekeeper who saves honeybees by offering services for live bee removals. In her feed are photos of beekeeping, honeybees, and some of the crazy honeycomb she comes across inside the walls of people’s homes.

The Homesteader: homesweethomestead
Farming is hard work but you wouldn’t know it by the simple beauty of Julie’s homesteading life. Expect poetic images of wild edibles, farm animals, natural materials, and her lovely little daughter.

The Freespirited Traveler: dirtbagdarling
Johnie leads the life of a beautiful bohemian tomboy – she surfs, rock-climbs, travels, lives in a van, and writes for a living. All in the setting of wild and unspoiled places. I want to live her life.

The Eco Fashionista: sustainablychic

You want the low-down on ethical clothing and fashion? Natalie introduces us to brands, models the clothes, and gives discounts too!

The Photojournalist: pbbphoto
Based in the Asia region, Paula’s photos capture the hope and beauty as well as the anguish of people living on the edge.

The Flower Farmer: floretflower
Erin grows and sells romantic Peonies, Sweet Peas, and other blowsy blossoms from her farm in Mount Vernon, Washington. Though I expect many of her followers are planning weddings, I follow her to see beautiful floral displays and to watch as she builds a successful green business.

The Folk Healer: aabejaherbs
Mystical and fierce, Sophie is a herbalist and wildcrafter. She sustainably forages many of her herbs from the wild and then transforms them into beautiful products and treatments.

The Green Beauty: Living Pretty Naturally
Kate combines photos of green products, natural recipes, and inspirational quotes in her green beauty feed. You learn about keeping skincare as natural as possible while getting your daily dose of ‘Go out and get-em!’

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The Science Illustrator: jillpelto
Jill communicates the effects of climate change in beautiful and highly emotional illustration. It’s her goal to connect with and show the world what is happening to landscapes and animals in the furthest parts of planet.

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The Allotment Gardener: lavenderandleeks
On her tiny plot of land in a communal garden, Katie shows us in soft, pretty, images how to grow vegetables and fruit for our own table. It was Katie who inspired me to build my own wildlife pond.

The Foodie: fare isle
Kaity’s Nantucket life and natural kitchen are featured in her beautifully curated feed. Think edible flowers, vegetarian meals, and the joys of motherhood.

The Interior Designer: frk.overspringshandling
A master of Scandinavian interior design – well she is Danish! – Juila’s aesthetic is based around the idea of living with plants. She’s a self-confessed plant hoarder.

The Flower Child: blackbirdandgoose
A romantic vision of life in a fairytale, Olivia’s feed is one of my secret indulgences. You can tell yourself that a life spent picking wildflowers, foraging for wild garlic, and keeping chickens isn’t realistic but here are the photos to show that the good life is somewhere out there.

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The Garden Chef: gardenbetty
Though you’ll find photos of her new baby and adventure travels on her feed, Linda is also the author of the CSA Cookbook. She shows how you can whip up local produce from farm boxes into nutritious meals and how to reduce kitchen waste.

Lovely Greens: lovely.greens

This list of inspiring green women of Instagram is brought to you by Tanya of Lovely Greens. A green lifestyle blogger on the Isle of Man she posts pictures of her organic garden, honeybees, diys, vw camper, travel, and island life. You can find more inspiring women she follows through her Instagram.

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