Using my VW Camper as a Market Stall

Using a VW Camper Van and vintage awning as a Farmers Market Stall

Lovely Greens Handmade Bath & Beauty at the Southern Agricultural Show

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I used to set up a Farmers Market stall every couple of weeks but these days I’m just too short of time. I do love meeting with customers in person though so I booked a pitch at the Isle of Man’s Southern Agricultural Show. It’s a weekend of farm animals, local producers, bouncy castles, and vintage tractors that took place last weekend. I brought my own vintage car too! Daisy Blue made her debut appearance as the backdrop of my stall.

Having a classic VW Camper Van as part of your display is like having a gigantic human-pulling magnet. Everyone wanted to come over and meet her!

There was a little stress getting the stall set up

Pulling it all together was a bit stressful in the few days running up to the show. Daisy Blue had been having some issues which is why we didn’t bring her to the Dark Horse Festival. Her ‘doctor’ from Weedspeed came out to the house not once but three times over the past two weeks to work on her.


In the end it turned out that there was a small faulty part that Weed only found the third time visiting. Fortunately he had a replacement in the car and with it she was running like a champ! I’ve been really stressed about getting her fixed and hearing her purr was a huge worry off my mind.

Using a VW Camper Van and vintage awning as a Farmers Market Stall

The best new addition to my VW Camper is her vintage awning

The next worry was getting her vintage style canopy in time. I’d been looking everywhere for a red stripey awning – one that matches Daisy Blue’s vinyl pop-up roof. In the end I found one at Puddle Jump in the UK. They’re handmade though so take at least a couple of weeks to arrive in the post. Fortunately the owner, Julie, sent me a loaner canopy to use in the meantime. It really saved the day!

The canopies are not cheap but the canvas is of high quality and it’s all stitched together by hand. As a producer of handmade goods I know the time and effort that goes into product creation so I don’t mind spending that little extra.

Handwritten labels for soy wax candles

New candle design

Leaving everything to the last minute I also only received my new candle labels the day before the show. I’ve designed them to be a generic style on brown adhesive paper so I can use them for whichever scents I’d like. The name of the candle is just handwritten with a black pen.

They meant that at the Southern I had over a dozen varieties of small-run fragranced candles in addition to my standard lines. They were a big hit and received a lot of positive feedback on how modern and ‘natural’ they looked – let alone smelled.

Using a VW Camper Van and vintage awning as a Farmers Market Stall

Poster & Banner

I also ordered a new banner and a poster advertising my soapmaking lessons – I certainly made sure that there was Lovely Greens PR on every side of Daisy Blue! They only arrived on the Saturday but I was quick to put them up on the second day of the show.

I had quite a few more people asking about the lessons on Sunday so I’m sure having the poster splashed against the camper’s backside did its job.

Lovely Greens Handmade - natural soaps, bath, and beauty from the Isle of Man

Hessian cloth and vintage tableware

My table display is made up of two folding tables that I bought off Amazon (order my tables in the UK/IoM) decorated with swathes of rustic Burlap (Hessian in the UK).

I’ve placed wooden boxes under the cloth to create raised areas and decorated the top with my products, framed information and pricing, and vintage baskets and tableware. Handmade cloth bunting is draped along the front of the table.

Using a VW Camper Van and vintage awning as a Farmers Market Stall

Third in Show for best display design

The combination of vintage camper and awning, the decorations, branding, and my products worked so well together. The complete design of my stall has been a long time in the making and I’m really very proud of it.

It didn’t go unnoticed either since I was awarded the third best display design at the show! I and Daisy Blue are so pleased with our ‘Lovely Green Ribbon’.

Using a VW Camper Van and vintage awning as a Farmers Market Stall got 3rd place in best display design at the show

Using a VW Camper Van and vintage awning as a Farmers Market Stall

Using a VW Camper Van and vintage awning as a Farmers Market Stall


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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Sue says:

    It all looks lovely. Well done on the 3rd place for best display design, it shows what you are doing is right, and considering you would have been competing against some much bigger companies this is a fantastic achievement 🙂

    I used to have a very similar set up for my ‘Lavender’s Blue…’ business for Farmers Markets and events (minus the camper van unfortunately) and did the same as you with boxes under my cloths. I mostly used old wine boxes and the biggest one in the middle was always positioned open side towards me at the back of the stall so I could hide my cash box and little bits and pieces that i needed ready for easy use.

  2. Andrea Randall says:

    Oh that looks wonderful. Well done.
    You certainly deserved the award.

  3. Sel says:

    love the VW…you don’t mention what year it is. Always wanted one so badly, when they became the thing. Someday, i will hope to find my little home away from home. Blue is such a beautiful color and so are all your details… i am in usa california….S.F. look forward to more of your adventures in your home away from home too.

    • She’s a 1979 T2 Bay and was renovated from a white rust bucket in 2005. Back then she was called Archie and she looked a lot worse for wear! I hope you’ll get the chance to get one too Sel. Thanks for visiting and see you on Lovely Greens again soon!

      • Sel says:

        wow! truly a work of love…someday i too will, don’t know when but it is on my mind for many years. During the hippie days, ( i was never one) they were so common and one can understand why. Being able to go and have a home with you. So, the idea is still there with me. Love the image you are able to use for your wares. Fun! i will be looking for more articles on your V-Dub….do you have pics during the restoration? How cool to see them along with an article on the ‘adventure’

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