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On Lovely Greens, discover creative ways to grow a bountiful garden and use homegrown harvests in delicious food, handmade soap, and more. The main topics that you’ll find here are organic gardening tips and ideas, along with ways to make natural soap.

Hi, I’m Tanya Anderson, the writer and presenter behind Lovely Greens. You may have found me through YouTube or searching for ideas for how to grow your own and make natural things. Welcome, and please allow me to show you around! It’s my mission to help you cultivate a life full of homegrown produce and have fun learning how to make wholesome food, natural soap, and products for the home from scratch.

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Organic Gardening & Natural Soapmaking

A garden can give us much of what we need for a healthy life. Food, medicine, art, and a place to lose ourselves in the beauty of plants. The ideas you’ll find here on Lovely Greens focus on making as much as you can from and for the garden. Everything from natural skincare and soapmaking to making homemade compost, garden features, and preserving the harvest.

Each of the main sections on Lovely Greens is covered by one of the features above or below. They include Natural Soapmaking, Gardening Tips, Garden DIY Projects, Natural Skincare Recipes, Food Recipes, and Creative Projects. There’s a beautiful cycle of grow-harvest-make and nurturing the land ahead.

More Inspiration

The Lovely Greens website is a wealth of written information but also videos! You can find quite a few projects and ideas here that include a helpful video embedded in the post. Gardening tips, garden tours, soapmaking videos, to name a few! I also create videos specifically for the Lovely Greens YouTube channel. Here are a few of my most popular videos, and if you like what you see, you can subscribe over here

There are hundreds of ideas to discover on Lovely Greens! It’s a place to lose yourself in creative and natural ideas, but if you want to find something specific, use the search box below. To find seasonal inspiration, you can also browse ideas by Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

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