Lovely Greens shares how to grow wholesome food & plant-based skincare in your own practical garden #gardeningideas #gardeningtips #herbgarden

Growing Useful Plants

Learn to grow wholesome food & plant-based skincare in your own practical garden

At the heart of Lovely Greens is the idea of growing your own and using your harvests to better your health and well being. Organic gardening for beauty products is a major topic and if you’re here to learn how to make natural handmade soap with homegrown herbs you’re in the right place. For me growing a garden is as much about creating a beautiful green space as it is about practicality. I like to grow plants that serve at least two purposes. That could be plants that look great but are also edible, healing, therapeutic, or provide food for wildlife. Here on Lovely Greens, I show how I grow them and creatively use them in the kitchen and beauty.

Lovely Greens shares how to grow wholesome food & plant-based skincare in your own practical garden #gardeningideas #gardeningtips #herbgarden

Putting plants to work

There are all kinds of gardeners in the world. People who love their house plants, herbaceous borders, succulents, or are fascinated by a single type of flower. I’m the kind of gardener that likes to put the garden to use. As a practical gardener, I feel that it’s important to keep the garden as organic as possible. One reason is that each herb, flower, and vegetable that I grow is going to end up either in me or someone I love. The bees and butterflies are going to have their fill and hedgehogs are going to have a root around too.

Here are some popular ideas on Lovely Greens — click the thumbnails below to explore each idea. There’s plenty of other gardening resources for you here too, whether you’re here to learn gardening basics or looking for crafty inspiration. Browse all gardening project ideas

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Plant-Based Beauty Recipes

You can use many homegrown herbs, flowers, and vegetables to make soap and beauty products. Peppermint in zesty soap, chamomile in a soothing lotion, and even wild foraged rose petals to make natural skin toner. On Lovely Greens, I share ideas for growing skin-beneficial plants and then using them in beauty recipes. Here are some pieces that feature ideas for growing and using skin-beneficial plants. Here are some ideas:

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.Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I see more of your garden?
    • Aside from the website, the best place to see the allotment and home garden is on my YouTube Channel. I also share a lot of photos and tips on Instagram and Facebook and you can learn more about me here.
  • I’m curious about your new book. Where can I find more information?
    • A Woman’s Garden, Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things is currently available for preorder in eight countries. I’m really excited for it to be released and have poured a lot of plant-based inspiration into it! You’ll be introduced to seven categories of useful plants, ideas for growing them, and thirty-five projects for making everything from naturally colored soap to unique edible dishes, plant-based cleaning products, and using plants to dye wool and fibers. You’ll also meet amazing women gardeners who use plants for home, health, and creativity. Further info on the book is over here.
  • Where should I start if I’m a complete gardening beginner?
    • Read and watch videos from trusted sources. Get inspiration from blogs like Lovely Greens, gardening books, and gardening tv. YouTube is a great place for information! I also recommend that you read this article on 15 Mistakes that Beginner Gardeners Make. It will help you avoid some of the pitfalls.
Lovely Greens shares how to grow wholesome food & plant-based skincare in your own practical garden #gardeningideas #gardeningtips #herbgarden
Learn to make natural skincare with homegrown herbs