The Ultimate Guide to Growing Tomatoes

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There’s nothing like the taste of a homegrown tomato

by Kelly of My Soulful Home

Got six hours of sunlight? Got some dirt and a pot? Then you can grow tomatoes! It is almost that simple. Follow my advice and you will have bumper crop of sweet, juicy, red orbs all summer long.

If you are a follower of Lovely Greens you probably already know why you should grow your own tomatoes: better nutrition, better taste & more choices.

But maybe you don’t know how. Well then read on! Even if you do know read on… You might pick up a tip or two that will take your harvest from steady to abundant. I also have a wonderful easy recipe to share.



There are 3 basic types of tomatoes fruits:

  • cherry/grape
  • paste
  • slicing

There are two types of tomato plants:

  • Determinate – grows to a certain height and stops ( good for containers )
  • Indeterminate – keeps on growing & vining ( needs to be trellised )

All tomatoes flourish in a well drained rich organic soil with 6 hours of sunlight & plenty of water.

For an all natural way to feed those hungry plants try my three secrets. You probably have them in your kitchen right now.

Tomatoes benefit from deep roots. They just like it that way and it certainly helps keep them upright and in the ground when laden down with heavy fruit.

If you have new gangly plants you can dig a trench and lay them sideways and cover all but the top several branches with soil. They will soon be standing tall reaching for the sun.

When planting deep pick off the lower branches & leaves so only the stem is underground. Also pinch off the suckers as the plant grows. Those are the branches that grow from the V between the stem & a strong branch. These “suckers” will not produce fruit and will suck the energy from the production.

Once your tomato plants are producing lots of fruit, you will need some recipes. Here is my favorite just about right off the vine tomato recipe….my tomato, mozzarella and basil skewers.

Drizzled with olive oil, sea salt & fresh pepper or not, these are perfect little bites and great for parties or just for snacking.

It is truly easy to grow tomatoes once you know what they like & how to provide the best conditions for them to flourish. Just a bit of effort is rewarded with a season ripe with juicy goodness.


Thanks so much to Tanya for having me over to guest post. I look forward to hearing your comments, answering questions and having you over to My Soulful Home. If you like what you read you can follow me there, on Pinterest or Facebook. I wish you a bountiful season!

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  1. Dani says:

    Two years ago I grew a bunper crop of tomatoes. Last year my tomatoes got blossom end rot. Not nice. But, at least it made me research what I did wrong. I won't make that mistake again.

    Thanks for your info – very useful 🙂

  2. Those skewers look so delicious! I clicked over to see what your fed your tomato plants, and we give ours the same things! Right now we are taking bucketfuls of tomatoes out of our garden! I need to give my roses the same treatment!

    • Hey Jane! Nice to see you over here at Lovely Greens! Great minds feed their plants the same things I guess!! Yes definitely treat your roses to the same 3 things for superior results. Have a happy Fourth of July! Thanks…

  3. Tanya, thanks so much for inviting me to guest post. I really enjoyed it and hope your readers do as well! 🙂

  4. Good article! I like the fact that you omitted all the hocus pocus and magic potions from the directions 😉 Simple philosophy: right plant, right place (know your plant!) I shared your article on my FB group. Cheers!

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