Video Tutorial: How to make a Succulent Terrarium

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Not that long ago, local artisan Ashley Bentley of  The Bees Knees showed us how to make Succulent Terrariums and Mini Succulent Planters here on Lovely Greens. Today I’m delighted to tell you that a video version of the succulent terrarium tutorial is now on my Youtube channel! The project takes no time at all but watching the video will make it even easier for you to do at home.

Succulents are green, fleshy plants such as ‘Hen-and-Chicks’ that are both easy to propagate and to take care of. The plants you use for this project can be purchased at a garden centre but it’s even more cost effective to use greenery growing in your garden, your friends’ gardens, or even taken from your local environment. In the video, Ashley shows us a large piece of moss/succulents that she found growing outside her home on a stone wall. She used some of them in this tutorial and the little plants are still growing strong in the terrarium.

To make a Succulent Terrarium you need: Project MaterialsGlass terrarium, or any glass container with an opening – Cactus potting mixActivated carbon/charcoal – Sand – beach sand, building sand, Pink sand, Blue sand any non-toxic sand works! – Assorted Succulents: Jade plant, Hen & Chicks, Alpines ToolsLong tweezers – for helping place the succulents – Spoon – for scooping and patting the potting mix, sand, charcoal – Paint brush – for gently brushing the succulents of any excess dirt – Spray bottle filled with water

If you’d like to see the original blog version of this project visit this link, but also make sure to check out the video for even more detailed instructions. And as always, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or to visit my Facebook page. Of all my social sites, it’s the one I use the most and you can catch me there every day. Happy DIY-ing!

Succulent Terrariums are easy and inexpensive to plant up and make great gifts! In this diy tutorial, a confessed brown-thumb shows us how to make them from both purchased and salvaged materials! #succulents

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