June Video Garden Tour + a Peek into my Neighbour’s Gardens

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The Garden is coming into its Own

It’s been two years since I started working on my new plot. Slowly but surely it’s changed from a plastic covered patch of earth to a recognisable kitchen garden. There are still many projects on the go but the garden is on the path I want it to take — low maintenance, productive, and pretty to look at. It’s the perfect time to take you on a video garden tour.

June Video Garden Tour + a Peek into my Neighbour's Gardens

Watch my Garden Tour

Watch the video embedded above for a walk-around my allotment garden, a look at my pond and other projects, and then a peek at what’s growing on other people’s plots. I take you from the top corner of my plot where I’ve built raised beds, to the wildlife flower patch, to the brassica bed, potatoes, and then up to look at how the strawberries and raspberries are faring.

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June Video Garden Tour + a Peek into my Neighbour's Gardens

The Gooseberries are plumping up

June Video Garden Tour + a Peek into my Neighbour's Gardens

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