How-to & Gardening Videos

Get inspired to grow plants for the kitchen, beauty, and home with Lovely Greens videos. There’s a new video every week featuring gardening projects and tips, garden tours, recipes, and garden updates

I love making videos. It’s fun to film them, easier to show you what I’m trying to share, and best of all, they make it easier for you to learn. Here on Lovely Greens, you’ll find ideas that include a video and also a pop-up video player. The player is on most pages and showcases videos that I think that you’ll enjoy watching. If you’d like to see all of my videos, head over to the Lovely Greens YouTube channel and subscribe. I have over a hundred videos and add a new one every Sunday. This is my latest video ↓

Gardening Ideas and Projects

Some of the most popular videos I’ve made feature creative gardening ideas and DIY projects. Everything from pallet projects to handmade ollas, sea glass stepping stones, and how to propagate lavender. One of my most popular videos has well over two million views and it makes me wonder just how many people have made that Strawberry Pallet planter. The playlist below (browse videos through the top-right icon) includes it and much more.

Soap Making & Beauty Recipes

Being a practical gardener I use much of what I grow in the home. It could be in wholesome meals, home cleaners, or handmade soap. I’ve created videos showing you how you can make them too. The playlist below includes soap making videos and other beauty recipes including lotions, face cleansers, and more. You can find a lot more recipes by browsing the page menu near the top of the page.

YouTube NextUp London 2017

My videos have even been recognized by YouTube itself. In early 2017 I applied for an award that I found out about while uploading a video. I clicked on the notification in the banner for ‘YouTube NextUp’ and after filling out a brief form I promptly forgot about it. That is until I got an email saying that I’d won a week-long training with other YouTube creators at Google HQ in London! To say that I was honored is an understatement. After my time with the other London winners, I went home inspired and ready to make more videos.

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