A few years ago I took a beekeeping class with the Isle of Man Beekeepers and since then have kept several of my own hives. I’m a responsible beekeeper and never take more honey than the bees can handle and I use the beeswax in my handmade beauty products. I also LOVE eating honey and my favourite way to enjoy it is in a cup of Chai tea.

Below are some of my top posts in Beekeeping but please also browse the sections above in the main navigation to see even more great posts on keeping honeybees and projects and recipes using beeswax and honey.

Popular Posts in Beekeeping

Planting a Honeybee Friendly Garden by Lovely Greens
Planting a Honeybee Friendly Garden
Honeybees are the only bee that’s active all year round…even in the dead of winter! Learn how to create the best foraging environment for them in your garden and allotment and help keep their numbers up. It’s said that one in every three mouthfuls of food is dependent on honeybee pollination and I’ll bet you want your own green beans and tomatoes pollinated too!


Getting started keeping Honeybees by Linda Tillman for Lovely Greens
Getting Started Keeping Honeybees
Linda Tillman of Linda’s Bees wrote this introduction to beekeeping for Lovely Greens. In it she tells how she got involved and what she recommends to those who are interested in keeping honeybees.


How to make your own Beeswax Furniture Polish by Lovely Greens
Make your own Beeswax Furniture Polish
Using just beeswax and olive oil you can create your own creamy polish that naturally polishes up all your wooden furniture, ornaments, bowls, and utensils. Plus it smells amazing!


The Bees have Swarmed! from Lovely Greens
The Bees have Swarmed
My first year keeping bees and catastrophe strikes…they’ve swarmed! In this case the bees flew down into the Laxey Flour Mill and another beekeeper was called in to remove them. The perils of bee-ing a beginner beekeeper.


Calendula, Oats, and Honey Body Cream recipe by Lovely Greens

How to make all Natural Calendula, Oats, and Honey Body Cream
This thick and moisturising cream has the added natural benefits of healing Calendula extract, a creamy oatmeal infusion, and hydrating honey. Your skin will love you for it!