Use Unripened Tomatoes to make Chutney Green tomato chutney can be served with cheese, bread, and other pickled vegetables This year the outdoor tomatoes were fairly unsuccessful with the plants putting on a good show of leaves but very few ripe fruits. Instead I’m left with a sizeable bowl of green tomatoes and a question of what to do with them. But not all is lost – green tomatoes can be delicious, whether they’re fried up American style or made into a sweet yet sharp chutney. Green Tomato Chutney It’s

I gathered another load of rose-hips on Friday and processed them into tea over the weekend. When making tea it’s not such a big deal to leave the seeds in so it took me a lot less time than when making rose-hip powder a couple of weeks ago. What I wanted to point out this time though is the amount of itchy hairs that have been removed versus how much tea you’ll end up with. Rose-hips have a delicate fruity taste that I find delicious on a cold day. But

The first sprouts of our future allotment wildflower meadow popped their heads out of the soil over the weekend. Tiny and perfect with their fragile baby green leaves and representing more than sixty varieties of flowers and grasses, these tiny seedlings will germinate and grow for the next month or so and then bunk down over the winter as small plants. Once the warmer days of spring arrive they’ll shoot up like rockets and if all goes to plan we’ll have an insect-friendly patch of willowy grass and cheerful blossoms

I let a couple of my pumpkin-courgette(zucchini)-crosses grow large over the summer so that they could be used for Halloween decoration. But I never expected them to get this big! And amazingly enough they are ripening into as vibrant an orange as any ordinary pumpkin would. Now I only need to find some scary Jack’o’-Lantern faces appropriate for cylindrical pumpkins – any suggestions?

Last Saturday we decided to make the most of the break in the weather and have a walk around the fairly new Conrhenny Community Woodland. Near the Creg ny Baa Pub on the outskirts of Onchan, the woodland is open to the public and currently offers a good sized carpark, graveled walking paths and even a couple of picnicking areas in addition to its grounds, which are work-in-progress. The park is on the site of a former tree plantation but large areas which were once planted with close-set pines have

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