Odd looking fruits & vegetables that taste great From odd fruit to alien looking veg, these are my top 10 unusual edibles to grow in your garden. All will add interest to both your veg patch & your plate. The benefits of growing your own fruit and vegetables are many – reduced food miles, healthy exercise, truly Organic produce, self sufficiency, and a closer relationship with the land. Another is being able to choose from a vast selection of different varieties that you’ll never see in a supermarket. Heirloom tomatoes

Aloe vera pups can easily be divided and grown on Aloe vera plants often produce masses of babies. Dividing these aloe vera pups & repotting them is an easy way to get more plants for free. If you have an aloe vera plant or are considering getting one then you need to be prepared for aloe vera babies. Lots of babies. Aloe can be grown from seed but most of the time you’ll get a plant thanks to how successful they are at sprouting little plants. I currently have TWENTY

How to use essential oils to scent handmade soap Detailed information on using essential oils for soap making. Includes max usage rates and how many teaspoons of essential oil can be used in a soap recipe. If you want to naturally scent handmade soap, you need to use essential oils. These highly scented flower and plant essences are natural but in such high concentrations that you need to be careful with them. If you use too much you’ll not only waste money but your soaps could cause skin irritation. There’s

Sea Water Soap Recipe Soleseife is a fancy European (German) name for sea salt soap. Not the kind of soap that has actual pieces of salt in it, but soap that’s made with brine – salt dissolved in water. There are two main ways to make it yourself: with homemade brine or you can make natural sea water soap. Salt water soap is smooth, hard, and easier to get out of moulds. Many cold-process soap recipes can be converted into a Soleseife recipe just by replacing the water with salt

Hot lavender, mints, savory, marjoram; The marigold, that goes to bed wi’ th’ sun, And with him rises weeping; these are flow’rs Of middle summer, and I think they are given To men of middle age. — William Shakespeare Grow Calendula flowers for lotions, oils, and soap If there’s only one skincare flower that you grow in your garden, it should be Calendula officinalis. Known by many as the Pot Marigold, this cheerful and easy to grow flower has a myriad of uses. The flowers can range in color from

Easy-to-make Sensitive Soap Recipe People who suffer from skin conditions like eczema need cleansers that are mild and not over-drying. This sensitive soap recipe is not only easy to make but will replenish the skin with every wash. Though it’s a soap recipe, it uses a natural pre-made soap base so handling lye isn’t required. It’s also boosted with skin-soothing chamomile essential oil that also gives it a sweet scent and helps to treat skin conditions. Sensitive Ingredients It’s important to use sensitive ingredients when you’re making skin products for

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