Grow lavender to use in lotions, soaps, and handmade skincare If you grow only one skincare herb, grow lavender. It thrives in temperate gardens and can even be grown in pots. Lavender’s grey-green leaves look beautiful clipped into a low hedge and once the flowers bloom they’ll keep your local bees in fragrant nectar. Best of all, it’s beneficial for the skin and you can easily grow lavender for skincare recipes. The below tips show you how to grow lavender, propagate it, harvest it, and then transform it into handmade

A simple and festive nature craft How to make a natural twig star using pieces of sticks and string Nineteen ladies braved snow and ice to meet me and my friend John “Dog” Callister for last weekend’s Natural Christmas Wreath workshop. The idea behind the day was to learn how to weave a willow ring, and then decorate it with foraged greenery, dried fruit, and other natural ornaments. There’s a video at the bottom of this piece showing the DIYs in action. One of the ornaments John Dog showed us

Cleanse with hydrating honey and soothing lavender It’s commonly thought that the English word ‘Lavender’ derives from the French word lavandre and latin word lavare – both meaning to wash. Just as in Roman times, we still use sweet lavender to scent our baths and toiletries. Not only does it have a pleasant scent but it also has properties that relax the mind and soothe the skin. This soapless facial cleanser recipe that gently removes oil and dirt while leaving your face feeling soft and hydrated. The secret ingredient is

You don’t need to dig & store your veggies I can be a bit of a lazy gardener — I love working in the garden but if there’s something I can save time on then I’m all over it. One thing that I’m a big fan of is not having to dig and store vegetables over winter. Why do it, when a lot of them can be left in the ground? Though temperatures below 25 °F (-2.2 °C) can wipe out root veggies, anything up to that point is safe for

Rose & Geranium bath salts, fizzies, & bath melts We all want to give beautiful and meaningful gifts at Christmas but all too often they can break the bank. What if I could show you how to make a dozen natural bath gifts for under $8 each? I’ve partnered with iHerb, a supplier of high quality natural products to show you how to make natural rose & geranium bath salts, fizzy bath bombs, and creamy bath melts. Arranged in a gift box, they’ll delight your natural beauty loving friends and

The best of British Gardening Media Some weeks back a very exciting email arrived in my inbox. Thompson & Morgan had sent me an invitation to join their table at this year’s Garden Media Guild Awards luncheon. How could I refuse? I booked my flight to London that very day. (Watch a video of the event below) The Garden Media Guild If you’ve not heard of the Garden Media Guild before, it’s an exclusive association made up of garden media professionals. To become a member you must make the majority

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