Begin your new Vegetable Garden in the Fall Fall or Autumn, call it what you will but it’s the best time of the year to start a new garden. In my experience as an allotment secretary, most new gardeners tend to arrive with the spring flush. Full of energy and excitement they begin digging and planting and generally wearing themselves out. They also have a lot more challenges, since perennial weeds and their seeds will be competing with veg, and there’s generally a lot more to do in a lot

Hedgehogs are under Threat Hedgehogs are adorable creatures that make us smile with their cute faces and bumbling natures. They’re also very welcome in our gardens since they emerge at night to tuck in to their favourite foods of slugs, snails, and other garden pests. What many of us gardeners don’t know is that we might be silently killing our spikey garden friends in the process. Up to 70%* of all hedgehog deaths are not from cars but from slug pellets. We use them in our gardens, farmers use them

Growing Fruit & Vegetables on the Isle of Man High up on a hill overlooking the village of Laxey is our allotment garden. It’s a communal space where 27 members grow organic fruit, vegetables, and flowers on their own plots of land. We’ve been around now since 2010 and I help run the association as its Secretary. One of the best things about gardening as part of a community is the collective experience that you can tap into. If you’re a beginner gardener you can ask for advice, or just

Woodsy and Citrusy Soap with fresh Cedar leaves Last year as I was perusing soap at the Ballard Farmers Market I came across some rather interesting ‘Man Soap’. It was chunky, scented with sage and pine, and immediately got my attention. What I loved most about it was the shape, colour, and leaf decoration and I couldn’t wait to try making my own. This recipe is my take on it with a simple fragrance blend that both men and women will like. In fact, it’s probably my new favourite! Cedarwood

Make Homemade Infused Honey for yourself & gifts If you’ve ever tasted raw, local honey you’ll be amazed at the complexity of its flavour. It’s nothing like the stuff that comes out of squeezy bears and depending on what the honeybees were foraging on, the honey can taste naturally of flowers and herbs. You can create your own even more powerful versions of ‘flower honey’ by infusing honey with your own delicious additions. Imagine vanilla & cinnamon honey dribbled onto porridge, lavender honey on greek yoghurt, or chili honey on

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