Slow release watering around growing plants Using an Olla is a great way to keep plants watered, especially in dry regions and in the height of summer. The way they work is by slowly releasing water directly into the soil. This saves a lot of water since very little of it is lost to evaporation on the soil’s surface. Being slow-release it also means that you need to water your plants less. Although you can purchase purpose-built Ollas, making your own using terracotta pots is both easy and inexpensive. In

Creamy White & Moisturizing Goats Milk Soap Some years ago when I first began teaching myself how to make soap, I tried a recipe for Goats Milk Soap. I tried and failed abysmally. The bars I cut at the end were yellowy-brown and crumbly and I couldn’t figure out what I did wrong. I’ve made a lot of soap since then and understand now that my temperatures were too hot. I’ve had similar crumbly disasters when I’ve used too much honey in recipes or when I’ve made honey soap at

The first honeybee visit in weeks A good beekeeper visits their bees every week between May and July. They make sure their bees have enough space, aren’t thinking of swarming, and if they’re lucky they might be able to take off some early honey. I’ve not been a good beekeeper recently. I’ve been traveling and incredibly busy (I mean, who isn’t right?) so I haven’t been up to check on my bees in a while. I knew they were likely needing more space, and hoped that they had honey so

Make your Garden Beautiful, Rain or Shine Here in Britain our summers are hit or miss. They can be stunning with warmth and sunshine or we can have weeks of constant rain. On the plus side, it’s green here most of the time, on the down side, there’s less to enjoy about the garden when it’s soggy. The ideas below are for putting that sparkle back into your rainy garden. They include everything from clever rain chains to water spout ideas to how to collect rain water. Even if your

The Garden is coming into its Own It’s been two years since I started working on my new plot. Slowly but surely it’s changed from a plastic covered patch of earth to a recognisable kitchen garden. There are still many projects on the go but the garden is on the path I want it to take — low maintenance, productive, and pretty to look at. It’s the perfect time to take you on a video garden tour. Watch my Garden Tour Watch the video embedded above for a walk-around my

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