Learn Herbal Medicine from Home

Become a herbalist by taking an accredited online course from the Herbal Academy
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Learn Herbalism at Home

If you’re reading this you’re probably interested in holistic health and the idea that herbs can heal. Modern medicine is a wonder in so many ways, and I know this personally after having reconstructive surgery on my knee this year. However, doctors and hospitals don’t always have an answer when it comes to complicated health issues and prevention of illness. This is where herbalism can help fill in the gaps.

Whether it’s learning to make simple ginger and honey tea for sore throats, to take Feverfew regularly to combat chronic migraines – herbal medicine can have a place in your life and can even co-exist with conventional treatments.

Become a herbalist by taking an accredited online course from the Herbal Academy

Herbalism vs Conventional Medicine

Often you only go to the doctor when you’re ill and the treatments prescribed seem only to address the symptoms. You’re in pain – here’s a painkiller; you’re depressed – take these anti-depressants; you have eczema – apply this steroid. Immediate relief is the goal rather than prevention of the symptom to begin with.


That’s the main difference between herbalism and conventional medicine is that you can use herbs to maintain health. Conventional medicine treats symptoms, illness and injury.

Become a herbalist by taking an accredited online course from the Herbal Academy

Taking a Herbalism Class

I became interested in Herbalism several years ago and I took an evening course from a holistic medicine institute in London. It was wonderful connecting with the instructors, learning in an environment that welcomed beginners, and creating a foundation for moving forward with my own interests in herbs. I learned a lot and enjoyed the class as well.

When the Herbal Academy got in touch with me about reviewing their online course I remembered how great the class was but some of the challenges too. Sometimes I was tired after work or had other commitments so I missed a couple of classes. The other major issue was continued connection with the instructors for questions and support. Once the course was over the connection was lost.

The herbal medicine courses offered by the Herbal Academy gives a chance for busy people to learn about herbalism in their own time. Become a herbalist by taking an accredited online course from the Herbal Academy

Learn more

In my look through the first section of the introductory course I feel impressed by the material, the way its presented, and the fact that you can learn at your own pace. You’re also not able to flip ahead of the material in the section you’re in until you’ve completed a quiz. I’m a book browser for sure and this would certainly keep me on track.

The class is composed of six main units that include recipes, videos, digital flip-books, and a certificate at the end. From there you can move on to the intermediate class (a discount is given for continuing) and even work your way up to becoming a herbal practitioner. Head over to their website to find out more.

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  1. Debbie says:

    I just joined their Herbarium! I’ve been thinking about signing up for the introductory course. I’m curious to see what you think about it when you are done.

  2. LINDA FURMAN says:

    so many posts that i pop in to read are nearly impossible to read for the pop up requests to follow the blog, which i dont want to do if i cant see the information to decide if i want more; but you site is just the opposite! i cannot find after searching purposely a place to sign up to follow you. i applaud that you dont push for followers by covering you information with ads, but i do wish you would make it easier to find where to sign up

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      Hi Linda! If you look in the right hand column there are two ways to sign up to follow. One is an email of every new post, and the other is for my monthly newsletter. Thanks for the follow 🙂

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