My first steps into rediscovering the natural world were growing a few containers of edible plants at my old house in London. Since then I’ve taken up an allotment plot here on the Isle of Man and have continued growing herbs and other plants in pots at home. I love watching the process of seed to plant to harvest but I’ll admit I especially love the harvesting part! I hope I’ll never lose the child-like excitement of digging up potatoes or picking fresh strawberries.

Below is a selection of popular posts in Gardening but please browse through posts on my Allotment, Gardening tips, and All Gardening for even more.

Popular Posts in Gardening

Tutorial on how to make this Strawberry Planter out of a single wooden pallet - by Lovely Greens
It looks great, it grows strawberries and other plants in very well, and it’s easy and nearly free to make! Learn how to make my Strawberry Pallet Planter with this informative tutorial. It also includes a video tutorial on how to make it.


Learn which plants to grow in a Beauty Ingredients Garden - by Lovely Greens
Natural beauty often comes straight from the garden in the form of extracts from healing plants. Learn which ones to grow for different skin types including for Healing, for Moisturising, for soothing Inflammation, and for Mature, Sensitive, and Acneic skin.


15 Vegetable that you can grow in Autumn - by Lovely Greens
15 Vegetables you can Grow in Autumn
The cooler days of Autumn are perfect for growing leafy greens like spinach and lettuce. Learn about the other thirteen recommended veggies that you can grow alongside them and keep yourself in veggies right up to the first frost. Bonus – all on this list are ideal for growing in containers!


Tips for Gardening on a Budget by a Woman of the Soil for Lovely Greens
Tips for Gardening on a Budget
Elaine from a Woman of the Soil wrote this fantastic piece for Lovely Greens on gardening on a budget. In it she shares some of her tricks including using budget seed, using upcycled pots and ‘cloches’, container gardening, and more. If you’re looking to produce as much veg as possible on a tight budget then you’ll want to read this post.


Planting a Honeybee Friendly Garden by Lovely Greens
Planting a Honeybee Friendly Garden
Honeybees are the only bee that’s active all year round…even in the dead of winter! Learn how to create the best foraging environment for them in your garden and allotment and help keep their numbers up. It’s said that one in every three mouthfuls of food is dependent on honeybee pollination and I’ll bet you want your own green beans and tomatoes pollinated too!


Plants for free - Propagating Lavender from Lovely Greens
Lavender, like many other plants, are very easy to propagate from cuttings. This means that instead of paying a small fortune for plants at the garden centre, you can create dozens of your own new plants for free! Learn how with this tutorial and make sure to read the follow up post as well.