Sea Salt, Spirulina, and Peppermint I’ve created this recipe in partnership with iHerb who are a supplier of high quality natural products. All of the ingredients used come from their online shop. Sometimes your skin can use a good scrub to remove dead skin and to help rejuvenate it. It could be at any time of the year: in the middle of winter when your skin is feeling the effects of the cold, or in summer before you go on a beach holiday. What’s important is to clean your skin

Autumn Gardening isn’t just about Clean-up Think about gardening in the autumn and you might get mental images of raking leaves, clearing foliage, and putting the garden to bed for the winter. The game doesn’t have to be over though. There are plenty of things you can do in the Fall to grow cool season crops and prepare for next year’s edible garden. Some of the things you could be doing now include growing leafy greens and planting garlic, onions, bulbs, and Christmas potatoes. Let’s not forget about soil building

Onions that walk across your garden One of the quirkiest vegetables that I grow in my garden is the Egyptian Walking Onion. It’s a perennial, which means that the plant grows back from its main bulb every year. They also produce clusters of tiny onion bulbs at the tops of their stems. That’s how the plant got its name — the weight makes the stem topple over and the tiny bulbs grow into new plants a couple feet away from the parent. Why grow Walking Onions? There are dozens of different

Begin your new Vegetable Garden in the Fall Fall or Autumn, call it what you will but it’s the best time of the year to start a new garden. In my experience as an allotment secretary, most new gardeners tend to arrive with the spring flush. Full of energy and excitement they begin digging and planting and generally wearing themselves out. They also have a lot more challenges, since perennial weeds and their seeds will be competing with veg, and there’s generally a lot more to do in a lot

Hedgehogs are under Threat Hedgehogs are adorable creatures that make us smile with their cute faces and bumbling natures. They’re also very welcome in our gardens since they emerge at night to tuck in to their favourite foods of slugs, snails, and other garden pests. What many of us gardeners don’t know is that we might be silently killing our spikey garden friends in the process. Up to 70%* of all hedgehog deaths are not from cars but from slug pellets. We use them in our gardens, farmers use them

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