Lovely Greens helps you to build a natural lifestyle with guidance on gardening, soap making, & DIY projects.

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Build a natural and more connected lifestyle by growing your own! On Lovely Greens, you’ll find inspiration for vegetable gardening, natural soapmaking, skin care recipes, & eco-friendly DIY projects. You’ll also find ideas for how to grow an organic garden and use plants in delicious, healthy, and creative ways.

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In this new 16-Video natural soapmaking course, you’ll learn how to make soap from scratch using the cold-process method. Watch the introduction video to learn more.


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An in-depth guide that teaches you how to make natural cold-process soap from scratch from the comfort of your home.

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Simple handmade soap recipes and skincare made from herbs and flowers

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Creative garden projects and low-cost ways to grow food, herbs, and flowers in your organic garden

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Welcome to Lovely Greens

I’m Tanya Anderson

Gardening and soapmaking writer, YouTube creator, and author of A Woman’s Garden. Lovely Greens is where I share ideas for growing a garden and using plants in creative ways. Please make yourself at home and sign up for the free newsletter.

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