Use honey for delicious desserts & natural skincare A collection of more than fifty delicious and creative honey recipes. Make everything from desserts and treats to handmade skincare and medicine Honey is one of nature’s most delicious treats. It’s sweet and sticky and might be your favourite for flavouring herbal tea and greek yoghurt. It has a lot more than that going for it though — eating raw honey is linked to supporting heart health, lowering blood pressure, and preventing heart disease1 . Using it on your skin can help heal

Using tumeric to naturally tint handmade soap This tumeric soap recipe is in partnership with iHerb, a supplier of high quality natural products. The ingredients used for this tutorial come from their online shop. As a natural soap maker I’m always on the look-out for ways to color my batches using flowers, herbs, roots, and spices. One spice that’s caught my eye is tumeric — a bright yellow spice made from the dried and powdered tumeric root. Unfortunately, many of the tumeric soap recipes that I’ve come across have results

Sweet and mellow rhubarb infused gin This easy to make pink rhubarb gin recipe uses just three simple ingredients. Also includes expert tips on how to grow rhubarb in your home garden Rhubarb is cheerfully making a comeback as a popular crop for the kitchen. If you have space, I highly recommend growing your own. It’s easy and like most crops, when you look away from the supermarket shelves, there’s a huge variety available. You can grow rhubarb from seed but they rarely grow true. The easiest way is to

Easy recipe for herbal flower fizzies Recipe and instructions for making all natural bath bombs with lavender, peppermint, calendula, and marjoram oils These natural herbal bath bombs are made with a beautifully scented blend of sweet herbal oils. They’re uplifting yet soothing and the extra dash of calendula infused oil and epsom salts make them great for your skin. The ingredients you’ll use are pure and natural and making the fizzies is super easy. Best of all, if you grow some of the herbs yourself, you can use your own

Sweet Homemade Fizzy Champagne Instructions and recipe for sweet and citrusy elderflower champagne. One of the best wild-foraged drink recipes that you’ll ever try Making elderflower champagne is a lot easier than you’d imagine. All you need are freshly picked elderflowers, or dried ones in a pinch, champagne yeast and a few other ingredients. Once this recipe is finished fermenting, you’ll have about six bottles of citrusy and floral elderflower champagne. It’s best served chilled and accompanied by summer sunshine. If you’ve not tried elderflower champagne before, you’re in for

Pigeons, crows, & pheasants Natural ways to keep birds out of the garden without hurting them. Includes various netting, decoys, and scarers, and tips on keeping them effective No matter where you garden, there’s a local bird eyeing up your homegrown vegetables. For many of us it’s pigeons, who are infamous for stripping cabbages down to the bare stem. Others have crows in their corn and for me it’s pheasants in everything. Early in the year they even dig up potato plants to get to the tubers. There are a

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