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Lovely Greens helps you to build a natural lifestyle with guidance on gardening, soap making, & DIY projects.


Lovely Greens can help you to build a natural lifestyle with guidance on vegetable gardening, soap making, & DIY projects.


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Hello, I’m Tanya

I’m so pleased that you’re here!

Welcome to Lovely Greens, where you’ll find ideas for how to grow an organic garden, no matter your space, and use plants in delicious, healthy, and creative ways. Especially in natural soapmaking and DIY skincare.

Welcome to Lovely Greens

I’m Tanya Anderson

Garden and Soapmaking writer, YouTube creator, and author of A Woman’s Garden. Lovely Greens is where I share ideas for growing a garden and using plants in creative ways. Please make yourself at home and sign up for the free newsletter

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Creative garden projects and low-cost ways to grow food, herbs, and flowers in your organic garden