Natural Lavender Body Balm recipe + instructions Easy recipe and instructions for making natural lavender body balm. Recipe includes shea butter, beeswax, and pure lavender essential oilLavender body balm is a natural skincare product that you can easily make yourself. It’s a rich oil-based product scented with soothing lavender essential oil. You can use it to soften and moisturize your skin but also to calm nerves and tension. Rub a little on your temples at night and it can also help ease you into a peaceful slumber. It will take you

In May the garden needs diligent watering Tips for watering container plants including a living wall planter and greenhouse tomatoes This piece is in partnership with Gardena, Europe’s leading brand of high quality gardening tools. In April they sent me their NatureUp! vertical planter and this month I’m pleased to add their Gardena AquaRoll M Hose Trolley to my gardening set up. It’s now late spring and green leaves seem to appear overnight — the salad season is in full swing! With all this sunshine, the garden veg is growing strong

The Isle of Man is the Irish Sea’s hidden gem A day trip around the Isle of Man including King Orry’s Grave, the Point of Ayre, Blue Point, Peel Castle, and the Meayll Hill stone circle If you’re not familiar with the Isle of Man, it’s a green and pleasant island nation in the middle of the Irish Sea. At only about thirty miles long, it has an incredible choice of things to do and see — especially if you’re a fan of beautiful landscapes. It’s my home but I

Sweetly scented chamomile soap recipe Natural chamomile soap recipe made with essential oil, chamomile flowers, and naturally coloured yellow using annatto seeds Have you ever made yourself a cup of calming chamomile tea? That same sweet and relaxing scent and is magnified in this all natural chamomile soap recipe. It’s blended with rich oils including shea butter and castor oil that moisturize as they cleanse. The creamy yellow colour comes from annatto seeds, the fragrance comes from pure essential oil and dried chamomile flowers decorate the top. German vs Roman

Neem is the most ingredient in this soap for eczema A neem oil soap recipe that helps combat dryness, itchiness, and inflammation making it the perfect soap for eczema When people ask which soap I’d recommend for eczema my first advice is always the same — use less soap. It can strip your skin of natural oils that help flare-ups to heal and can contribute to dryness, redness, and further skin issues. We all need to use soap at some time though. That’s why my second bit of advice is

Preparing the Garden for Summer Planting a Living Wall Planter, an update on seedlings growing at home, and planting the sweet peas in the allotment garden. This piece is in partnership with Gardena, Europe’s leading brand of high quality gardening tools. They sent me their NatureUp! vertical planter to try out and I’m ridiculously excited about having it just outside my kitchen door.  April is the engine of summer just starting to rev up. Within weeks (if not days!) the race of plants upwards will begin in earnest. There’s plenty that

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