Learn to Make Handmade Soap with Lovely Greens

On Lovely Greens, you’ll learn how to make natural handmade soap from scratch successfully. That includes beginner soap-making tips and information on ingredients, colorants, and techniques. You’ll also find soapmaking videos and natural soap recipes.

Are you interested in learning to make natural soap as a hobby or business? Tanya Anderson from Lovely Greens is here to help! On this website, you’ll find soap-making instructions for the complete beginner and more advanced recipes and methods for making soap with all-natural ingredients.

There are a lot of ingredients, methods, and recipes out there, and so many questions and ideas. Everything from how to formulate a soap recipe to natural colorants to a simple step-by-step look at how to make soap from scratch. The resources you discover here will help you on your soapmaking journey.

Learn to Make Cold Process Soap

Over the years, I’ve had many people come to Lovely Greens for soapmaking instruction. I teach in-person soapmaking workshops, offer a 68-page soapmaking ebook, and can now guide anyone in the world to make soap through the new online natural soapmaking video course. The video course comprises sixteen videos, and once you’ve enrolled, you have the full course to watch and learn from forever.

Though the online course and soapmaking ebook have far more information and are all in one place, there are also loads of free recipes and tips here on the website. You can browse natural soap recipes and read through my free natural soapmaking for beginners series. It includes the articles below, which you can use to help you make any Lovely Greens soap recipe.

Become a Confident Soap Maker

I remember the early days of teaching myself how to make soap and my failures along the way. With that experience, I’m here to help you move from a complete novice to a confident soap maker as quickly as possible.

I’ve been making soap as a business since 2011 and have offered in-person soapmaking workshops for over ten years. I’ve shared a lot of what I’ve learned here, including dozens of recipes and ways to add special ingredients to your batches of soap:

Free Cold-Process Soap Recipes

I’ve shared many soap recipes on this website over the years and invite you to use them. It can be complex to create your own recipes, and a real headache for beginners. My opinion is that when you learn to make handmade soap, it’s best to begin with tried and tested recipes.

That way, you can focus on learning to make soap without questioning if you’ve incorrectly formulated a recipe. You can trust every soap recipe on Lovely Greens to come out right, which will help you finesse your skills as a soapmaker. I also create free soapmaking videos on YouTube, such as those below.

Detailed Soap Making Instructions

In each soap recipe on Lovely Greens, you’ll find detailed instructions for making soap from start to finish. They’re relatively simple recipes, use techniques that set you up for success and are ideal for the beginner to intermediate soapmaker.

If you’d like to understand more and see each step in action, though, I recommend that you enroll in my online soapmaking course. Seeing something done can make a new skill much easier to understand!

Natural soap colorants including woad, madder, calendula, carrot, and alkanet

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