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If you’d like to get in touch to discuss a post, an idea, or even a partnership or advertising opportunity please send me an email. The social network I use the most is Facebook so that’s also a great place for you to catch me online – I post every day and check my inbox regularly. Here’s where else you can find me online:

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Where can I buy your handmade soap and other products?

You can browse my selection of body balms, gift sets, natural soap, and more over at Lovely Greens Handmade. If you’re interested in booking a soap making lesson, visit this page.

Do you publish material written by guest writers?

At times I do invite seasoned bloggers and writers to write posts that I think would be a good fit for Lovely Greens. If you think you’d fit into that category, please send me an email introducing yourself, your blog, and your idea.

Where in the world is the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man is a self-governing island in the middle of the Irish Sea. It sits between England and Ireland and is home to about 85K people. The island is mountainous and hilly which makes gardening at my allotment a challenge!

The people on the island are ‘Manx’ and you might be familiar with the famous cat with no tail that’s also called a Manx cat. That’s because the breed comes from the island. Another interesting local creature is the Loughtan sheep. It naturally grows between four to six horns instead of the ordinary two and you can see them close up at the Cregneash Folk Village. We also have a healthy population of wild Wallabies that live in the swamp in the north of the island. They’re descended from just two individuals that escaped a wildlife park back in the 1960s.

What is an Allotment?

Allotments are associations that are run privately or through a council (a town) that offer gardening space for people in that area. Each allotment site is divided into individual plots that are rented out to ‘Allotmenteers’ on a yearly basis. My allotment site is in Laxey and I’ve been the Secretary of the association since 2010. What that means is that I help find new people to garden with us, organise events like our annual Seed Swap, and help with the general managing of the site. If you’re interested in growing with us at LALAA, please email me at our association email.