Calendula: A Guide to Growing & Using it in Skincare


An in-depth guide on how to grow Calendula officinalis, harvest it, and transform the flower heads into healing natural skincare. Calendula flowers are gentle, healing, and easy to use in handmade skincare recipes.

Calendula, a guide to growing and using it in Skin Care, is written by Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens as featured on BBC’s Gardeners’ World. It includes detailed information on choosing cultivars, growing them, harvesting, and using calendula flowers in plant-based skincare recipes.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about growing this incredible healing flower and using it in medicinal salves, lotions, handmade soap, and more. Use this guide to begin making healing skincare for yourself and your family or the basis of starting a small business.

Calendula: A guide to Growing & Using it in Skin Care by Tanya Anderson as seen on BBC's Gardeners' World. Includes detailed info on calendula, growing tips, harvesting, & using it in skincare recipes #herbalism #plantbasedskincare #herbs

What’s in the Calendula Skincare Book

  • Detailed information on growing calendula in the garden and in containers
  • Which cultivars to choose for medicinal and beauty purposes
  • Harvesting information, including time of day, how to pick, and preserving the flowers
  • How to make calendula-infused oil, including information on which carrier oil to choose
  • Personal tips on how I use calendula oil in skincare, including a simple way to make calendula lotion on the spot.
  • Over a dozen calendula skincare recipes, including handmade soap, face cleanser, face creams, bath bombs, and lip balm
  • Watch the short introduction below to learn more about the ebook.
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One of the most well-known and easy-to-grow medicinal plants, Calendula officinalis is easy to grow and a powerful and therapeutic skincare herb. Its flowers help to speed up healing, cleanse the skin, disinfect minor wounds, treat cold sores and chapped lips, reduce inflammation, and work as a mild astringent. It’s a marvelously versatile and safe herb to work with and is even safe enough to use as an edible flower.

Use the tips in this 49-page guide to grow calendula, harvest it, and use the homegrown petals in plant-based skincare. Includes more than a dozen recipes such as cold-process calendula soap, simple skin creams and cleansers, lip balm, bath truffles, and much more. All are easily printable and come with clear directions and full-color photos. If you are new to ebooks, scroll down for a friendly introduction.

Calendula: A guide to Growing & Using it in Skincare by Tanya Anderson as seen on BBC's Gardeners' World. Includes detailed info on calendula, growing tips, harvesting, & using it in skincare recipes #herbalism #plantbasedskincare #herbs

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