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Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden in the Fall
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Grow it, Make it, Cook it

At the heart of Lovely Greens is the idea of first growing it yourself, then using what you grow in the kitchen, home, and in projects. There’s plenty of ideas for you here on Lovely Greens, whether you’re here to learn to garden or are just looking for gardening inspiration:

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Gardening is a therapeutic, useful, and delicious hobby. You can grow flowers that beautify, fresh vegetables for home cooked meals, or herbs and plants to make handmade beauty products. The tips and ideas that you’ll find in browsing the below sections.

A Little about my Garden

I’ve been gardening in containers, flower beds, indoors, and my allotment garden since 2009. Before then I hadn’t stuck a finger in the dirt for years but had childhood memories of growing veggies with Grandma and my own little flower garden. Something happened when I turned 30 though and I caught the gardening bug big time.

My current set-up is a small greenhouse and conservatory, pots and a flower bed at the house, and a 30X40′ allotment garden. I live on the Isle of Man which maintains the wartime tradition of allotments — community gardens where individuals rent out space to grow their own food. In my organic garden I grow berries, vegetables, fruit, flowers for the bees, and herbs that I use in the kitchen and in beauty products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I see more on your garden?
  • I’m on the Isle of Man and would like an allotment. Who do I need to speak to?
  • Where should I start if I’m a complete gardening beginner?
    • Read read read. Get inspiration from blogs like Lovely Greens, gardening books, and gardening tv shows. I also recommend that you read this article on 15 Mistakes that Beginner Gardeners Make. It will help you avoid some of the pitfalls.
  • What type of greenhouse do you have?
    • I have the Palram Harmony greenhouse that’s made of virtually indestructible plastic. Very handy since we do have a lot of storms on the Isle of Man in the winter. It’s 6×8′ and I’ve built a trench container along one side for growing tomatoes. On the other side I have a potting bench diy’d from a wood pallet.

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