Recommended Gardening Products

I get a lot of questions on YouTube and social media about the products I use in gardening. These are some of the ones I use and can highly recommend! If I have them available, I’ve also listed any discount codes I can offer – many give you 10% off your purchase.


I have both the large and medium Vegepods, and they have been brilliant for growing food on our deck. These mini raised bed containers are waist-height and ideal for small gardens, patios, and those who have trouble bending. Get 10% off with lovelygreens

Netting & Hoops

I use metal hoops with high-quality netting stretched over to keep my vegetables safe from birds, rabbits, and my three cats. Both products come from a wonderful British company that supplies many of the gardening products that I use, so have a browse.


Attached to my hose, just below the tap, is a powerful magnet called a Plantsurge. It decreases surface tension in the water and softens hard water, leading to bigger flowers, veg, and healthier plants. It works! Get 10% off with lovelygreens2 or lovelygreens (UK)

Fryd Gardening App

Fryd is an online gardening app that’s useful for helping you plan the entire garden over the seasons. It also has a community forum and seasonal gardening tips and is available on computers and mobile devices.

Olla Watering System

Thirsty Earth ollas are a set of small terracotta pots that are filled from your mains or a large water reservoir. This is the watering system I use in the polytunnel, and it requires no electricity. Get 10% off with lovelygreens

Birdies Raised Beds

These gorgeous metal raised beds are sturdy, easy to put together, chemical-free, rust and insect-resistant, and last indefinitely! You can’t say that for wooden beds. I have four in the garden, including this one in ‘Mist Green’

Botanical Interests Seeds

This American seed supplier has a fantastic selection of herb, vegetable, and flower seeds, including organic seeds. I also love their seed packet designs and customer service.

MIgardener Seeds

Also an American seed supplier, I find MIgardener seeds reliable, good quality, and excellent value. I don’t think any other major seed supplier can beat their prices.

Seed Organizer

These are the best seed organizers! I have a colorful and clear version, and both keep my seeds dry and visibly organized. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Grove LED Grow Light

I have this modern touch-activated grow light installed in a dim corner of my kitchen. It not only brightens it up but gives perfect lighting to grow houseplants and indoor herbs.


Many people ask me where I got my hard-shelled polytunnel. It’s from Polycrub, a Scottish charity that has invented the best polytunnel for cold, windy regions.

Japanese Hand Tools

Japanese gardening tools are very high quality, feel great to use, and will last a lifetime! I use a hori hori knife, and all my snips/secateurs are Japanese-made. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.