8 Gifts that Gardeners want for Christmas

8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas

Green thumbs weigh in on what they hope is waiting for them under the tree

Many gardeners are modest folk and will insist that they don’t want anything for Christmas! If this is what you’re dealing with in your own friends and family circle then have so fear — I’ve done your homework for you. This week I asked gardeners on my Facebook page what they’d be happy to have as a gift and this is what they said.

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8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas

1. Berry Bushes

This was the most popular answer with people saying they’d like more berry bushes and perennial plants. Buying potted fruit plants and trees is the perfect gift since your gardener friend can plant them out at any time of the year. Here’s some ideas with excellent ratings:

8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas

2. More growing space please

No matter how small or large our gardens are, we always want a bit more space. You don’t have to buy more land to give your pal a larger growing area though — give them the gift of vertical gardening. With these ideas you can grow more plants in less space.

8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas

3. Garden Birds

Gardeners don’t just love the plants in their gardens, they love the animals that live there too. Of all of them, wild birds are the most popular and feeding, providing shelter, and watching them is enjoyed by most.

8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas

4. Practical tools

Those who spend time working with their hands know the importance of good tools. Some of the people who commented on what they’d like for Christmas mentioned leather gardening gloves, galvanized steel watering cans, and even wheelbarrows.


8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas

5. Seeds & Bulbs

You seriously cannot go wrong with buying a gardener seeds. They’re great stocking stuffers, or entire sets of them like the one pictured above make a great present on its own.

8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas6. Garden Pampering

People who spend time in the garden deserve some skin-loving indulgence. Aromatherapy candles, handmade soaps, and garden scented products help heal and clean the skin and relax the body.

8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas

7. Succulent Pots & Plants

Often given only as housewarming gifts, plants and planters are perfect any time of the year for plant lovers. Of all the plants out there at the moment, succulents are some of the most popular. They come in dozens of varieties and will happily make a home in most planters.

8. A Gardener

This is an answer that made me laugh out loud each time it was given. Gardening is a passion but some of the work is hard. Digging, weeding, moving compost, mowing the lawn, the list goes on. If garden help isn’t in your budget, here’s some amusing gifts for gardeners (and their partners).

8 Gifts that Gardeners say they want for Christmas


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