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All of us can benefit from slowing down and nurturing our creative side. When we tie that in with the food we eat, the beauty products we use, and the homes we live in, you get what Lovely Greens is all about. It’s practical and simple green-living with an emphasis on gardening.

I’m convinced that stress and poor health is the consequence of our modern world. The hustle and bustle, traffic, climbing the career ladder, and convenience everything puts pressure on our bodies and mental health. While it’s impossible to avoid it completely, there are things we can do to slow down and take a deep breath. Creative things that hearken back to times when life was so much simpler.

Growing a garden, creating meals with our own home-grown, making handmade soap, and just spending more time with nature.

Each week I share tips on organic gardening, beauty recipes, DIY projects, and country life on the Isle of Man. Here are some of my recent articles:

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About Lovely Greens

Lovely Greens is living simply, exploring nature, making useful things, & growing your own

I’m Tanya and over seven years ago I moved from the city to a place that you’ve probably never heard of before — the Isle of Man. It’s a self-governing island nation made up of rolling green hills, forested glens, and only about 83K people. To the west is Ireland, to the east is England, and on clear days you can climb to the top of our only true mountain and see both plus Wales and Scotland in the distance.

I’m passionate about sharing how to make useful things and it’s here on Lovely Greens that I show how. How to grow edibles, make handmade soap, and the full process behind garden-inspired crafts and DIYs. I’ve also set up my own business and when I’m not blogging I’m giving soapmaking lessons and retailing Lovely Greens bath and beauty products.

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