A Woman’s Garden, Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things

A Woman’s Garden, by Tanya Anderson, introduces you to dozens of plants to use in the natural home, along with creative ways to grow them. Herbs for wellness, natural dye plants, and beautiful plants for artful meals. It also features incredible women gardeners and their growing spaces that show what a single person can achieve and how a garden can change your life.

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A Woman’s Garden features several women’s gardens along with ways to use plants in recipes and projects.

Plants for Home, Health, and Creativity

Gardens grow more than just pretty flowers. They grow well-being and a deeper connection with nature. Gardens can also produce plant material for creating homemade skincare, natural dyes, artisan crafts, delicious foods and beverages, and medicines–homegrown ways to create a wholesome lifestyle.

Space isn’t an issue, either. Whether you have a backyard garden, a balcony, or a window box, you can grow plants for home, health, and creativity. Vegetables that reduce food miles, flowers that support pollinators, and herbs that you can use for health and beauty. Every plant you grow and every project you make is a step forward to creating a better life and a better world.

Take a Look Inside A Woman’s Garden

Creative Gardening

A Woman’s Garden infuses the grow-your-own philosophy with creative ways to use plants in herbalism, skincare, natural dyeing, and wholesome food. These are topics that women growers are particularly interested in, and peppered throughout the creative ideas and helpful gardening advice are visits to eight gardens to show how we can grow plants for home, health, and creativity.

Written by Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens, you’re taken on a journey of traditional crafts, homegrown harvests, and beautiful recipes. A Woman’s Garden also explores the idea that our growing spaces can be places where we grow plants but also where we can find connectivity. Connection to the land, food, and the things we make and share.

Each chapter features an inspirational female gardener and her growing space.

A Woman’s Garden Presents Creative Plant-based Makes

Plant-based projects in the book include:

  • Using onion skins to dye wool
  • Alkanet root and lavender soap
  • Rose petal facial mist
  • Edible flower ice cubes
  • Healing calendula skin salve
  • Paper mache leaf lanterns
  • Chamomile tincture
  • Gardening projects, including a herb spiral, strawberry pallet planter, and more

A Woman’s Garden Shortlisted for a GMG Award

Aside from the many glowing reviews from people who have purchased A Woman’s Garden, it was also shortlisted for the Peter Seabrook Practical Book of the Year Award. This award is presented by the Garden Media Guild and awarded to a book that conveys outstanding practical gardening ideas and clear advice.