How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs using natural ingredients
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Candy colored Christmas bath bombs made with natural ingredients

Bath bombs are easy to make and are always well received as gifts. They’re made of ingredients that will make your bath water fizz and sparkle, releasing scented essential oils. This recipe also uses Epsom Salt which is rich in the trace mineral Magnesium. The mineral is best absorbed by your skin in the bath so not only are these fun and pretty, but they’re good for you too.

Each of these four Christmas Tree fizzies can be made in just a few minutes even by beginners. They’re also the perfect size for putting into organza bags to give as gifts over the holidays. Watch the video tutorial below to see exactly how they’re made.

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Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

Makes 6-7
This basic recipe can be used to make four types of bath bomb: Lavender, Rose, May Chang, and Peppermint

1 cup Baking Soda (called Bicarbonate of soda in the UK)
1/2 cup Citric Acid
1/2 cup Epsom Salt
1/2 tsp Essential oil: Lavender, Rose, May Chang (Litsea Cubeba), and Peppermint
1/32 tsp Mineral colors: Purple, Pink, Yellow, and Green. This is a good deal on all the mineral pigments that you’ll need
Golden Mica Powder
Herbs & Flowers: Lavender buds, Rose petals, Calendula petals, dried Peppermint. This Botanical Flowers Kit includes the first three for a good price. The dried peppermint you could get out of a tea bag.
Witch Hazel in a Small Spray Bottle
Christmas Tree Silicone Mold
White Organza bags


You’ll also need…
A bowl
A large and a small mesh strainer. This Mesh Stainless Steel Strainer Set is a good deal.
Measuring cups & spoons
I also highly recommend these Mini Measuring Spoons for getting that 1/32 tsp)

How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs using natural ingredients

Step 1: Mix the dry ingredients

Place the strainer over a bowl and pass the baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and mineral color (not the gold Mica though) through it and into the bowl below. In case you’re wondering, the mineral colors are nature-identical versions of minerals that are mined from the earth. They’re safer though! Mica is also a mineral but it shimmers due to being tinted with other colours. Mica is a common ingredient in eye shadows and other make-up.

Step 2: Mix in the wet ingredients

Put your gloves on if they’re not already on. Measure the essential oil directly into the dry ingredients and then mix it in with your hands. Next spray the contents with the witch hazel, mixing thoroughly after each few sprays. You’ll keep spraying and mixing until the bath bomb mixture can hold form when you squeeze it in your hands. I used 18 squirts of witch hazel to make mine though the amount coming out of other spray bottles may vary.

How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs using natural ingredients

Step 3: Decorate the Mold

Spoon about half a teaspoon of gold mica into the mini strainer and then tap it over the mold cavities. It’s pretty much like dusting a cake with powdered sugar. Next, sprinkle your chosen dried herb or flowers into each cavity.

Step 4: Fill the Mold

Now fill each mould cavity with the bath bomb mixture and pack it in tightly. There’s enough mixture to make six or seven Christmas trees. When it’s all packed in, place the mould in your freezer and leave it there for 45 minutes. This helps the bomb to set solidly before you pull it out of the mold.

How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs using natural ingredients

Step 5: Cure the bath bombs

Set the bath bombs on bubble wrap or a hard surface that’s been covered in clingfilm. Leave them there to initially defrost and then harden up. This will take about a day.

Step 6: Package and give as gifts

The bath bombs fit nicely into organza bags that are 3×4″ or just slightly larger. Place them inside and then gift them to your heart’s content!

To use them, just drop a bath bomb into your warm bath water. Watch as it fizzes and dissolves before your eyes before releasing the essential oil and body-loving Epsom Salt. Best served with a Lovely Greens candle and a mug of Spiced Apple Wine.

How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs using natural ingredients

PS – don’t these bath bombs remind you a little bit of these? 🙂 Merry Christmas!


How to make Christmas Tree Bath Bombs using natural ingredients

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  1. Kathleen mark says:

    Wow! these bath bombs look so pretty. They could be an amazing gift idea. I just cannot wait to make them. I made some Himalayan salt bath bombs recently. They turned out great! I am definitely going to try your recipe as well. I basically like Himalayan salt very much. I use it as bath salt and really love it.

  2. Stacie says:

    I made this recipe today. It’s probably the easiest recipe I’ve tried this far. I’ve thrown so much product in a jar to use as bath salts because I can’t seem to figure out the right amount of witch hazel. This time it finally worked. Although it exploded outside of the molds and became round blob bombs…lol. so seriously, I followed this to a tea and found I still used too much witch hazel (hence the explosion, too much liquid I can only assume) but they have stopped growing and are finally getting hard. Nice, that was my goal all along, I really don’t care about the shape so much. I will follow up with a picture soon.

    • lovelygreens says:

      I had another comment from a friend who said the same about hers — it’s definitely a problem of too much witch hazel. I use about 18 squirts but I think that my sprayer squirts a lot less than most! Next time just add enough to get the dry ingredients to the right consistency. Check out the video to compare but in your hands it should be able to just hold together into a ball. It will still crumble a bit at that stage but it’s supposed to. Any more than ‘just holding’ and it might fizz up.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Man they look really Lush-worthy! I wish I had a bath 😉

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