How to Make a Sea Glass Candle

Make a glowing sea glass candle by sandwiching two glasses and filling the space between. A simple and beautiful craft or handmade gift #diygift #candles #candlemaking
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Use colored glass to create a glowing sea glass candle. This project takes minutes to make, requires no special tools, and creates a beautiful item for yourself or gifts.

This sea glass candle honestly takes ten minutes to make. That’s of course not counting the wonderful hours spent finding the sea glass on the beach. That’s not work though, that’s an adult scavenger hunt!

There are so many wonderful things you can do with sea glass, whether it’s displaying them on their own or using them in the garden. I thought of this idea when noticing how pretty sea glass is when held to the sun. Sandwiching the sea glass between two glasses replicates this effect. A small tea light in the center acts as the sun and glows prettily through the glass. If you’re not near a beach, no worries. You can also make this project with marbles, or colored glass from the craft shop.

Make a glowing sea glass candle by sandwiching two glasses and filling the space between. A simple and beautiful craft or handmade gift #diygift #candles #candlemaking

What you need to make a sea glass candle

  • Sea glass, marbles, aquarium glass, colored craft glass
  • Two glasses or clear jars. One small enough to fit inside the other

The glasses I used were an old tea-light glass and a short Kilner/Mason jar. You probably have a couple of glasses in your home that could work for this project but if not, look for them second-hand at a local charity or thrift shop. Next, use your choice of glass to fill the space between. I decided to stick with the lighter and brighter pieces since the idea was to place a small tea light in the center. The flame from a tea light isn’t strong enough to shine through my darker pieces.

Make a glowing sea glass candle by sandwiching two glasses and filling the space between. A simple and beautiful craft or handmade gift #diygift #candles #candlemaking
Make a glowing sea glass candle by sandwiching two glasses and filling the space between. A simple and beautiful craft or handmade gift #diygift #candles #candlemaking
This simple project will only take you minutes to make

No glue or tools required to make a sea glass candle

Essentially, all you do is place one glass inside the other and fill the space between. Making sure that the glasses allow for at least a centimeter of space between. That will give you plenty of space to fill with sea glass. No glue, tools, or any other equipment is needed. When you’re finished you have a beautiful handmade votive that you can keep or gift.

What I also like about my design is that it’s easy to change up the design or to clean. Since there aren’t any pieces glued in place you can literally dump the inner parts out. Then you can wash and rearrange as you’d like and you’re back in business with a fresh new design. Easy, fun, quick, creative, and beautiful. What else could you ask for in a rainy day project?

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  1. I was thinking about pouring resin in over the sea glass to make it solid. Can you think of any reason why this wouldn’t work?

    1. Personally I would not pour resin over it because you will never be able again to rearrange or even touch or feel the sea glass. If it was sea glass I personally collected I would be sad about this. :)
      PS: Love the idea of the sea glass candle! :)

  2. I grew up by the bay on the Island of NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA love sea glass and do projects using treasures I have found

  3. Wow! This is great!! It also made me think of putting glass beads in the same type of project. I have beach glass so I will be doing the project as you instructed, but I also have lots(and lots!) of clear glass beads because I make beaded jewelry. Wait til I tell my beading friends about your tutorial! Thanks

  4. This is a great idea Tanya. I don't live near a beach and have never come across 'sea glass' but I guess anything would work, such as the worry beads and such. I will store this away in my mind for gifts in the future!!

  5. I love how beautiful & spa-like the light aqua colored sea glass looks. A few years ago, I purchased several different sized glass cylinder candle holders. I had a very large wooden bowl that I kept on my coffee table and I wanted to have a candle holder in the center surrounded by things like seashells or pine cones depending on the season.When I took the glass out to wash it I noticed that one fit nicely inside the other leaving a 1/2" space between the inner & outer cylinders. That caused me to start thinking what I could fill that space with that was decorative and still allowed the candle light to show. I've used coffee beans, buttons, leaves, acorns & vintage postcards. At Christmas time I filled the space with fresh cranberries & sprigs of greenery floating in water, peppermint candy or jingle bells. Valentines was red & pink M&Ms. I love your project because it allows you to use your imagination, is inexpensive, you can use items you already have, it's quick, no messy clean-up and the finished project makes a big impact. These candle holders would look great in any room, but I will be hanging some on a deck & in my guest bathroom as a nightlight with battery operated tea lights.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful project.

  6. Wonderful!

    Won't you please pin it on my DIY recycled glass projects board.

    I'm trying to amass idea's in order to teach the underprivileged ladies in the nearby village in the not to distant future how to recycle glass and potentially make some much needed money for their households whilst simultaneously saving glass from going to landfill.

    The more recycled glass jar / bottle idea's I can amass the more the project is likely to succeed. :)

    Thanks Tanya.

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