Calendula & Honey Funnel Cake

Calendula & Honey Funnel Cake Recipe
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Crispy & Sweet Funnel Cake with Edible Flowers

Recipe for sweet and crispy funnel cake made with Calendula flowers and golden honey.

It’s been years since I had Funnel Cake. It’s one of those dishes that goes hand in hand with a holiday or event – in this case, American county fairs. Part of the fun of these crispy treats is having them served up to you warm and brown and still grinning at having watched them being made. The way that’s done is with batter drizzled through a funnel and into a hot pan of oil. The stream of batter flowing into the pan creates a bubbly and twisty design that’s perfect for sprinkling with sugary toppings.

Calendula & Honey Funnel Cake Recipe

Edible Flowers for the Chelsea Garden Show

Though I’d already been thinking about making Funnel Cakes, the idea of using Calendula petals was in large part due to a collaboration with a company called Turtle Mat. They’re putting together an edible flower project to celebrate this year’s Chelsea Garden Show and asked me if I’d like to join in.


I was delighted with the idea of coming up with an edible flower recipe and chose Calendula to work with. The reason being that Calendula is that it’s an easy flower to grow at home and the petals have a slightly peppery taste. Turtle Mat has invited some other bloggers to come up with edible flower recipes so make sure to check them out here.

Calendula & Honey Funnel Cake Recipe

Calendula & Honey Funnel Cakes

Makes approx. 8-10 small cakes
The Calendula and honey in this recipe are used both in the batter and as a topping. Calendula is a type of garden flower that holds its colour well in hot dishes and has a flavour similar to Saffron. It’s very easy to grow and can be dried for dishes and projects when summer is long gone.
1 cup of Milk
1/4 cup dried Calendula petals (or 1/2 cup fresh)
1 Tablespoon Honey
1 large Egg
1 cup of Flour
1 Tablespoon White Sugar
1 tsp Baking Powder

1/4 tsp Salt

Powdered sugar & honey for drizzling
Extra Calendula petals for decorating

Vegetable or Sunflower oil for frying
Calendula & Honey Funnel Cake Recipe

1. Pour the vegetable/sunflower oil into a medium sized pan to a depth of 1.5 inches. Bring the oil up to about 350°F / 175°C while you’re making the batter.

2. Using a Stick Blender, pulse the flower petals into the milk until only tiny bits are visible. Please note that you should only use the petals and not the stem, leaves, or centre of the flower. Next, misx the egg and honey in and blend well.

3. Add the dry ingredients in and mix well so that no lumps, bumps, or dry bits are visible. Now comes the fun part!

4. Check that the oil is at 350°F / 175°C with a Kitchen Thermometer.

5. Take a funnel into your hand and with your finger pressed over the opening, fill it up with a ladle full of batter. Bring the funnel over the pan and move your finger so that the batter flows out and into the hot oil. Move the batter around in an area the same size you’d like your cakes and then close the funnel with your finger and set it aside when you have enough batter bubbling away.

6. Allow the batter to fry until the edges are golden brown, then flip it over and let the other side cook until brown. Remove the cake from the pan and set it on a paper towel to drain and cool for a minute.

7. Once slightly cooled, drizzle the funnel cake with honey and then dust it with powdered sugar. Calendula petals, dried or fresh, will add extra flavour and interest. Serve immediately and enjoy ~

Calendula & Honey Funnel Cake Recipe

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  1. Alison says:

    I have never eaten funnel cake, it looks really interesting. Loving your use of the calendula petals

  2. Tanya Walton says:

    Sounds interesting Tanya…I have never eaten 'funnel cake' and I am a little unsure about your description of using a 'funnel'…can you perhaps give me a link to one so I can try and get my heqad around what you are saying??
    Thanks. 🙂

    • It's actually an easy method but perhaps difficult to explain in words. Imagine holding a kitchen funnel in your hand and then using a finger on the outside of the funnel to plug the hole at the bottom – now anything you pour into the funnel can't get out. Fill the funnel up with batter and then release batter and plug up the hole again with your finger when you've put enough in the pan.

      Alternatively, just pour the batter into a measuring cup with a spout and pour the desired amount into the pan. The funnel is better though since the stream of batter will be finer. Check out this photo:

  3. Dani says:

    Sounds yummy – thanks. I'm going to make it on the most miserable of winter days to lift the spirits 🙂

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