How to Make a Simple Twig Star

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How to make a natural twig star using pieces of sticks and string. A simple and festive nature craft for adults and children alike, and one that you could use for holiday decorations or to make a topper for your Christmas tree.

Nineteen ladies braved the snow and ice to meet me for this year’s natural Christmas wreath workshop. During the workshop, they learned to weave a willow ring and decorate it with foraged greenery, dried fruit, and other natural ornaments. They also learned how to make a simple twig star with the small pieces of twigs left over. It’s easy to make and could be used as a Christmas ornament, tree topper, or just a beautiful nature craft. I’d like to show you how to make them, too!

Though this project is easy enough for children, there is a specific method you should use to put them together. It will ensure that the stars are sturdy and hold themselves together. The photos and video below will make it clear. Once you’ve made your twig star, it could be used as an ornament, to use at table settings, or to string into a garland.

Simple Twig Star

Making a twig star is a quick and satisfying project that costs practically nothing. All you need is five pieces of relatively bendy and thin twigs that are the same length and approximately the same thickness. My star’s sides in the photos are 9.5″ long, but the ones in the video below are only six inches long. The important thing is that all of the twigs are the same length. You’ll also need something to bind them together. String is perfect, but rubber bands work well, too.

More Holiday Inspiration

Making a twig star with sticks is only the beginning when it comes to using sticks and twigs. You can also use them to create these garden projects, including this lovely raspberry cane wattle edging. If you’re more in the festive season, check out these creative DIY holiday makes:

How to weave a Simple Twig Star. All you need are five twigs and string #crafts #naturecraft

How to Make a Twig Star

Tanya Anderson
Make simple twig stars using sticks or stems from the garden. All you need are the twigs and some string to make these stars, but you could also paint them or adorn them with decorations such as holly and small pinecones. This is a quick and easy winter nature craft suitable for adults and children.
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  • 5 Twigs
  • String or clear rubber bands


  • Cut five thin and bendy twigs to all the same length. Six inches (15 cm) long is the shortest length I've found easy to work with. The twigs in the images are 9.5 inches (24 cm) long.
  • To attach the sticks together, you can use string or rubber bands. If using string, cut five lengths about three to four inches long. Be aware that freshly cut twigs will shrink as they dry, and that the string connections may become loose over time. Rubber bands will not become loose and may be better in that case.
  • Begin with two twigs. Look at them and notice which ends are thicker than the other. Connect the thick end of one to the thin end of the second twig with a string. Doing this (thick end to thin end) for each attachment point will give the star more stability. Attach them so the right twig is on top of the left twig. Pull the twigs apart about thirty degrees to create a point.
  • Add the next twig, ensuring that it’s the top-crossing twig at the attachment point. Each new twig you attach should be placed on top of the last one. Adjust the position of the third twig so that the angle inside matches the angle at the top of your star. As pictured, the third twig should also lie on top of the first twig.
  • Weave the fourth twig through the twigs, forming the star’s top point. Weave under and over and attach it with string afterward. It might be easier to look at the photo below.
  • When adding the last twig, it’s easier to do the weaving first and then tie it in at both ends. Keep in mind to match the thick end to a thin end and to weave under, then over.


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  1. Saw something like this on Instagram and went twig hunting shortly thereafter.
    Love to decorate the stars when they’re done with a small knot of flowers and a vintage button. Used as present decoration and making more for my new white Christmas tree which will have a woodland theme.

  2. Anita l Rushton says:

    I struggled at first but I realised afterwards the sticks My Husband had gathered for me were rather too thick but I am still pleased with it. Next time I will make sure I have thinner bender sticks .😂

  3. Katie, Ruairidh and Caitlin says:

    Very cute and easy, thanks!!

  4. 5 stars
    Thank you for the clear instructions. I am off to forage for twigs in the woods tomorrow.
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful Christmas.