How to plant a Strawberry Pallet Planter

Planting the Strawberry Pallet Planter
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How to fill a DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter with up to 20 plants. This planter is great for patios and small spaces!

Three years ago I shared how to make a Better Strawberry Pallet Planter and since then my original and a second one have been producing masses of berries. I’ve had a lot of people interested in the project but some questions on how to plant it up after making it. I decided that it was best to show you in a video.

I grow strawberries in both the garden and at home and get as much productivity out of the plants in the pallet planter as I do in the open ground. The trick to keeping your plants happy is to plant them in rich compost and composted manure and to keep the planter well watered.

Once you’ve planted it up, the plants inside will last from two to three years and will only need a top dressing of more composted manure each spring. Keep the top of the planter and the gaps between the slats filled with straw to reduce water evaporation and to keep the compost in the planter.


How to plant strawberries in this DIY Pallet Planter

Your four main materials needed for planting are straw, multi-purpose compost, composted manure, and weed resistant horticultural material or a sheet of plastic. The latter is to keep the compost from falling out through the gaps on the back, bottom, and sides of your planter.

You’ll also need plants! Any strawberry plants will do and I’ve planted my original planter up with some generic variety from the local gardening centre. I’ve also tried Everbearing varieties and now a no-name red strawberry and a white Pineberry. My planters have 18 plants each but if you plant the sides up you can have 20 plants growing. Theoretically you could plant the back side up as well but I’ve not done that and can’t recommend it until I try it myself. I imagine you’ll need to feed and water the plants even more to get a harvest if you do so.

How to plant strawberries in this DIY Pallet Planter

Even with the straw mulch you’ll still need to water your planter every day. All planters need daily watering but to get juicy berries and keep your plants thriving, make sure you don’t forget, especially in the heat of summer just before they fruit.

How to plant strawberries in this DIY Pallet Planter

How to plant strawberries in this DIY Pallet Planter

How to plant strawberries in this DIY Pallet Planter

If you have any further questions on how to plant the Strawberry Pallet Planter please leave me a comment below. I’ll be happy to give you an answer!

How to plant strawberries in this DIY Pallet Planter


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  1. Adela Olivero says:

    Dear Tanya, please explain what is the WELL COMPOSTED MANURE. Can I just go to a stable and get some that is a few days old? Thank you. BTW i will send you pics of my project.

    • Fresh manure can harm growing plants — the urea burns them. When using manure around growing plants, make sure that it’s sat in a heap for at least six months. Some gardeners will apply fresh manure to the soil in winter but I’ve not tried that myself.

  2. keeksb says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Thanks for the tutorials, I made a planter following your instructions yesterday, so far so good.

    In regards to planting when you say multipurpose compost, will compost from my compost bin be ok? Or are you referring to multi purpose potting mix compost?

    If I do use regular compost can you advise any amendments to make it suitable for the planter? I have been told compost in containers is too heavy.


    • Compost from your bin is ideal! If you’re planting strawberries make sure to give them rich material to grow in and/or feed them regularly. I’ve had my strawberries growing in composted manure and garden compost for years now. I change it out every 2-3 years.

  3. John says:

    Nice project! You can attach the legs before you assemble the planter. That way you can screw it in from the other side quite easily.

  4. Karen says:

    I love this idea and can’t wait to try it. Hopefully my pallet at home is the right kind! One suggestion… I think it would be nice to add casters to the bottom so you can roll it around the patio.

  5. Caroline says:

    Hi Tanya, can you let me know how to line the planter . Thank you.

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