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How to make Healing Neem Balm

All-natural recipe for a neem oil based eczema skin balm. Includes detailed instructions via a do-it-yourself video and links for ingredients

A couple of years ago I published the recipe for making your own Healing Neem Balm for eczema and psoriasis. Since then, it’s become my top post and it receives hundreds, and sometimes thousands of views per day. Those who have made it have left comments in my original post and through email to let me know how it has helped them in their enduring battle against dermatitis.

The recipe is easy but showing how to make the balm through the video below makes it even more simple to understand. So this week I’ve set out to make one for you that not only shows the ingredients and process but you also get to see the consistency of the final product and how it looks when you apply it to your skin.

Handmade Neem Balm

Makes one 130g pot. Alternatively, you can purchase this similar product through Lovely Greens Handmade

40g /1.41oz Shea butter
30g /1.06oz Cocoa butter
20g /0.70oz Castor oil
30g /1oz Sweet almond oil (alternative: grapeseed or sunflower oil)**
10g* /0.35oz*** Neem oil
1/4 tsp Vitamin E oil (optional)
5-10 drops of Lavender essential oil (optional)


  1. Hej Tanya!
    How do you make those nice labels you have on the cans? I’ve been looking everywhere for a program to make labels but can’t find one to make round labels. And if I find a program, it’s way too expensive: P

    1. I have labels printed for me by a professional printer in the UK. Inkjet printers (the type most people have at home) aren’t great for professional label quality.

  2. Thanks Tanya
    I came across your recipe a few years ago and i tweaked it slightly and went on to not only heal my son but many Friends and family who I made it for.
    Of course with the recommendation that we also remove harsh surfactants and laundry detergents from our lives we are much more happier .
    The Neem oil is a little strong at first but when it brings you relief people have over looked it and do actually start to like it after several uses .
    Thank you so much for this amazing recipe xx

  3. Hi Tanya,

    thank you so much for the tutorial. I’ve tried it today but it is more creamy than hard as discribed in your video, and it really really smells a lot like the Neem Oil. Is there anything I can now do about it? I dont think I can keep using it with the smell. And I put more thank 10 drops of Lavender in it as well.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sibel, the scent of neem is just something that you have to work with. It’s very distinct and many people get used to it after seeing the benefits it has. As for the creaminess, you could re-melt the product and add a little more shea butter or cocoa butter.

  4. Tanya,
    Thank-you for showing the video on how to put together the ingredients and how they should look during the process. You mentioned that Neem oil taken internally caused infertility in animals. Could you substitute Tea Tree oil instead and expect the same results??

  5. if I was to add beeswax to this recipe, how much would I use?
    I dont want it really hard, but a little soft.


    1. I’d recommend that you make the product first without the Neem oil and see how it goes. Often, even the protection that an oil-based balm can help soothe eczema! Neem oil is quite potent in scent and in power and is probably more suitable for adult skin.

  6. Is there an oil that could be susbstituted for the almond oil in the neem balm recipe? My grandson suffers from tree nut allergies and has eczema. I would like to make this for him, but am afraid to use the almond oil. Please advise!

  7. Hi Tanya,

    Getting ready to make the Healing Neem Balm and would like to know how much beeswax I should add to your recipe. Thanks -Bill

  8. In your ingredients you use ounces as a form of measurement. If I don't have a scale to weigh, can you give me measurements in cups, teaspoon, or tablespoons. I would really appreciate it, I would love to make this for my daughter in law who has psoriasis really bad and is afraid to see a dermatologist as she thinks they will put her on steroids. I think she will like this natural product and I hope it works for her. Thanks Theresa

    1. We use neem oil as an insect control spray on vegetable plants. It affects their ability to reproduce, so they can't lay eggs. I reckon you'd need to be eating spoonfuls of the stuff to do harm to yourself (in fact eating any is probably not recommended), we're millions of times bigger than those little greenfly!

  9. I think you're right Christy and that maybe you should try to gently reheat the balm and whisk again. It may be that you lose some of the lavender fragrance due to heat evaporation so maybe add a few more drops.

  10. You're so welcome Estefania and please let me know how you get on with making the balm for your father?

    As for Candida, I've heard of it mainly as a fungal infection inside the gut. Cutting sugar and sweets from your diet helps but in a Herbal Medicine course I took some years ago I also learned that garlic can help combat the yeast. It might not be the most aromatic therapy but if you wanted to try something natural, that's what I might do.

  11. Thank you so much for this tutorial, it is great, I will make it for my dad :) He suffer with psoriasis, not very severe, but uncomfortable enough. Would you know a nice balm to help treat candidiasis? It is a fungal condition, that affects you finger nails, it irritates the skin a lot, and its very hard to treat….. Many many thanks :)

    1. Hi I was reading the comments to get feedback and saw your question about the fungal nail infection. I had one a while ago and put vicks vaporub on it twice a day and covered with bandaids (so it didn't rub off everywhere) it went away within 2 weeks. A lot cheaper and healthier than medicines

    2. Also, if you have any tea tree essential oil, it helps fight fungus as well. I like to use almond oil for a carrier oil because it absorbs into the skin quicker since it is similar to the natural oils your body makes.

  12. I'm so glad you did this video tutorial. I made this balm a few weeks ago. It came out very lumpy and I just realized why. I added the neem oil during the melting and let it all sit in the freezer too long.

    I wonder if remelting it and whisking like crazy would get rid of some of the lumps.

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes and now video tutorials.

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