Lovely Greens helps you to build a natural lifestyle with guidance on gardening, soap making, & DIY projects.


Lovely Greens helps you to build a natural lifestyle with guidance on vegetable gardening, soap making, & DIY projects.

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Welcome to Lovely Greens, where you’ll find ideas for how to grow an organic garden and use plants in delicious, healthy, and creative ways. Especially in natural soapmaking! You’ll also discover innovative gardening ideas that show you how to garden, no matter your constraints.


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A beautiful book that covers growing seven categories of useful plants and using them in over thirty-five plant-based projects and recipes.

Calendula Ebook

An in-depth guide on how to grow Calendula officinalis, harvest it, and transform the flower heads into healing natural skincare.

Soapmaking Ebook

This easy-to-understand natural soapmaking guide from Lovely Greens will teach you how to confidently make soap from scratch using all-natural ingredients. 

Welcome to Lovely Greens

I’m Tanya Anderson

Garden and Soapmaking writer, YouTube creator, and author of A Woman’s Garden. Lovely Greens is where I share ideas for growing a garden and using plants in creative ways. Please make yourself at home and sign up for the free newsletter

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Innovative Gardening

Creative garden projects and low-cost ways to grow food, herbs, and flowers in your organic garden