Bread is made from just a few simple ingredients: flour, salt, water and yeast. Optional additives such as fats, seeds and fruits as well as variants of the basic ingredients and methodology can result in bread of different shapes, colours, flavours and textures. White flour is probably the trickiest of the ingredients but if you know what it contains and what it doesn’t then I feel you can use it with educated discretion. Traditional stone-ground flour contains all parts of the original grains of wheat: the bran, the germ and

I am so pleased with how my two mugs came out! It’s been a month since I formed them from clay and over a week ago when they were dipped in glaze. So seeing them last night for the first time in their finished state was really exciting. I now have two beautiful and practical objects that we can use for a lifetime, and made from start to finish by me (well, excepting the firing and careful tutorship of our patient instructor. One mug I chose to glaze in pink

Gazing out the window today my eye was caught by little sprinkles of colour on the lawn – mushrooms! I’m far from a mycologist but I think I may have identified a couple of them with my trusty fungi guide, ‘Mushrooms’ by Roger Phillips. The yellow ones above and just below are the same mushroom (I think!). And in flipping through the hundreds of pages of very similar looking shrooms I think I found it. I may be wrong but from what I gather it seems to be a ‘Parrot

Blustery winds and intermittent rain kept me inside today, but it was a good excuse to cosy up with coffee and crafts. Over the summer months I’ve sporadically collected herbs and flowers and placed them into old books to flatten and dry with the idea of using them on personalised greeting cards. I used to love collecting flowers to dry and use in crafts back when I was an early teen. Do you remember the fad of hot-gluing dried botanicals onto straw hats and hanging them on the wall? I

It’s now the beginning of September and autumn is definitely in the air. While some vegetables are starting to bolt or die back there’s still enough greenery to keep my plate and belly contented and the garden looking productive. Even so, it’s time to start cleaning away spent plants, digging in manure and mulching perennials in preparation for the cold months ahead. Seaweed is probably one of the best mulches and fertilisers you can use in your garden. Though not particularly rich in NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium), it is

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