With all the cold and ferocious weather we’ve had of late, it’s been a nearly a week since I’ve been up to the allotment. Only half of my beds are dug over for the autumn and worryingly, a couple of them rather resemble rice patties after all the rain we’ve been visited with. If this fair weather holds though, I’ll be spending the rest of the week surveying the damage and getting busy with the rest of the digging. Although my bountiful summer harvest is now only a memory, there

Hawthorne Tincture for Heart Health A few weeks back I began taking a new course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) – called Herbs for Everyday Living. The class is taught by a mother-daughter team, Lorne Driver-Davies and Jill Rosemary Davies, of Herbs Hands Healing and focuses on teaching general health and nutrition and how to support it using herbalism. One of the safest and accessible wild herbs to use in everyday living is Hawthorn which is a powerful yet safe heart medicine. This tree grows profusely throughout the

Early this Spring when we had first moved into our new home, I noticed a spotted green leafy plant with pinkish-violet bell-shaped blossoms growing in the back garden. As we were landscaping the front garden and has as yet no early bloomers in the border, I moved a clump of this plant there. Later when at the garden centre I asked what this plant was, and was given the named ‘Pulmonia’. I now know that it is actually called Pulmonaria Officinalis and that it has been used medically for hundreds,

I’m currently reading this book called ‘Wisdom, Memory and Healing – The History of Domestic Plant Medicine’ by Gabrielle Hatfield. Being incredibly interested in healing plants I wanted to learn a bit more about herbal medicine as practiced in the UK. This book describes numerous home therapies and medicines recounted from oral tradition and also outlines the history of their use. While most modern medical practitioners consider using home remedies a quack, Ms. Hatfield argues that the literate wrote their stereotypes and misunderstood perceptions of traditional medicine and the oral

A few weeks ago Ross and I tried to hunt down an orchard of plum trees on park land that a guy down at the allotments told us about. We spent about two hours hiking along the woodside park trails and forest but couldn’t find it. However, we did find Elderberries…tons of them! As soon as I got home I put the berries in the freezer – I’d read that the berries taste much better after a frost. They are now merrily bubbling away on the stove, destined for Elderberry

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