Live simply. Explore nature. Make useful things. Grow your own. It’s taken me a long time to nail down what Lovely Greens is in a headline. How can you define yourself in just one sentence? I’ve gone through quite a few iterations but none felt right so I sat myself down again last week and asked, what is Lovely Greens? In the end it was easy – Lovely Greens is what I do. Live Simply. Explore Nature. Make useful things. Grow your own. It’s funny how difficult simple can be. This post may

Fenella beach is a tiny crescent of sand and scallop shells that sits alongside Peel Castle. I had to drop off an order of beauty products in Peel yesterday which was great since friends were meeting on the beach. They were going for a sea swim but I and Josh simply enjoyed being in the sun and walking on the shore. It’s important to take a few minutes out just to do nothing but enjoy the scenery with a scoop of honeycomb ice cream. This post may contain affiliate links.

Easy DIY Vanilla and Cocoa Butter lip balm recipe Wow…this is probably one of the best lip balm recipes I’ve created in a long while. Incredibly simple to make, it tastes of vanilla and chocolately cocoa butter and leaves your lips feeling soft and shiny. The project only needs about a half hour of your time and a few gorgeous, natural ingredients – convenient links to order what you need online are provided below. The recipe will make you up to 10 tubes of lip balm or five of the

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Many of us will simply marvel at today’s 17 hours of daylight and leave it at that but this day was important to ancient Europeans. Though we can only speculate on what their beliefs were, many burial sites and stone circles have been found to align with the sun on the Summer Solstice – none are more famous than Stonehenge. Modern day Pagans and curious folk alike will have gathered this morning to watch the sun rise from this

Finding ‘wild’ comb in my hive and extracting honey from it. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for me with filling orders over at Lovely Greens Handmade, taking guests on a quirky weekend tour of the Isle of Man, and working in the garden. Something had to give and this time it was my bees. A couple of days ago I visited them for the first time in a couple of weeks and found that one of my colonies had been very busy indeed – not only filling the

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