Imagine relaxing after a long day in a steaming bath of hot chocolate. The warmth soothing tired muscles while rich chocolately aromas swirl through the air and melted cocoa butter moisturises your skin. The best part of all? It could actually good for you! Cocoa powder contains high levels of caffeine that when used externally helps to firm the skin and reduce puffiness. Cocoa butter keeps your skin supple with its creamy oil but it’s also rich in anti-oxidants. These compounds are said to fight free radicals so your hot chocolate bath might just

It’s been years since I last visited the annual Honey Show. FOUR years in fact. I don’t know where the time has gone but I was told while helping myself to tea that my absence had indeed been noticed. Way back in 2011 I was freshly graduated from the beginner’s beekeeping course but had yet to start up my first hive. I had it on my mind though and visited to learn more about honeybees and beekeeping. The Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation is comprised of three regional groups –

My friend Clare Bettison takes off-island guests on the most amazing tours of the Isle of Man. Every time I speak to her she mentions another obscure and interesting place that I’ve never heard of before. Recently I asked if she would take me to some of them and to share their locations and history here on Lovely Greens. Today Clare introduces some of these places to you with the fifteen unique and quirky sights that are spread throughout our beautiful island. I’d like to also thank artist Alice Quayle who has created

It’s almost unavoidable: the annual Cold & Flu season. Short of hiding out at home, you’ll be exposed to viruses each time someone sneezes on the bus, coughs in the grocery store, or a loved one gives you a kiss on the lips. People don’t even need to be around for you to catch a bug either since germs can lie in wait for you on door handles, coins, and railings. Both the common Cold and the Flu are caused by viruses so cannot be treated with antibiotics, which actually

A few weeks ago a writer for the Isle of Man Newspapers, Julie Blackburn, visited me to talk about my background, handmade Christmas gifts. and the soap making class I offer. Her piece was published last Friday and I’m delighted at the coverage I received but even more so that ideas for creating handmade gifts ran side by side with holiday advertisers. Read the full article here. As a producer of handmade bath and beauty products I receive a lot of holiday gift set orders. Customers love my products, the packaging, and

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