Calendula is both an edible flower and skin healing herb If you want to grow plants that have multiple purposes then Calendula officinalis, also known as Pot Marigold, is your flower. It doesn’t need a lot of space, produces a lot of blossoms over a long growing period, and can be used in food dishes, beauty products and handmade soap. It’s also a gorgeous yellow to orange colour that brightens up the garden. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support of this site! Calendula Seeds You can

Soapmaking Lessons on the Isle of Man I’ve been making natural soap as Lovely Greens Handmade since 2011 but for the past two years I’ve been teaching others how to make it too. It makes me smile to think that I’m now a teacher when I remember the days of my soap making failures. I taught myself how to make soap and at the time went through batch after batch of botched attempts not understanding what I was doing wrong. It’s because of these remembered challenges that I can relate to those who

You don’t need a large space to grow an edible garden Though I do have an allotment garden, it’s my crops at home in my container garden that are the most used. They’re close at hand, easy to keep an eye on, and grow quicker since they’re kept in a more sheltered place. The best thing is that when I need a handful of herbs or a bowl full of lettuce I can just walk out and pick it. Garden to plate in minutes. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you

Intimate camping festival on the Isle of Man I’ve been looking forward to the Dark Horse Music and Arts Festival since I bought early bird tickets in March. At the time, news of the event was by word of mouth and true to the earthy spirit of the weekend I heard about it in a yoga class. Limited to just 500 tickets for this first year, it was an intimate and free-spirited celebration of music and crafts under the beautiful blue sky at Silly Moos Campsite. During the day you could

People create a lot of waste while having fun in the sun. Here’s our own mess from the weekend’s camping and music festival. You’ve spent two great days and nights enjoying live music, laughs with friends, and the sun shining on your skin. During all of that time you’re eating and drinking and not really thinking too much about the waste you’re creating. At some events you might be confronted with piles of plastic cups and packaging on your way out but this weekend’s Dark Horse Festival didn’t provide bins.

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