A Tour of my Garden after a long Vacation After being away on a five week trip I’m just now settling back into routine. Making handmade soap, giving soapmaking classes, catching up with customers, and also tidying the garden. We had house-sitters while we were away and fortunately they took care of my plants both in and out of the house. Still, there was a lot of weeding to do and preparation for the winter. I also thought it would be the perfect time to test out my new GoPro

A great time getting ‘new’ clothes and saving money How many of us have clothes that we just don’t wear? Maybe they’ve been hanging in the closet (sometimes tags still on) for years, or are bagged up ready to be given away. I go through my wardrobe several times a year and until recently had three bags of old clothes, shoes, and accessories sitting in the attic. Normally I’d donate them but when I was invited to a “Clothes Swapping (scabbing) Party” I was happy that I’d procrastinated in taking them in. A clothes

Essential oils are used to scent natural soap If you’re making handmade soap and want to scent it naturally, you will probably use essential oils. Essential oils are natural extracts from plants and flowers and are used in aromatherapy and natural skincare. They can be confused with ‘Fragrance oils’ which are not completely natural but can also be used to scent soap. Below is a list of essential oils listed along with their INCI names and how much of each can be used in a batch of soap. The percentage

Orca Whales, Legal Marijuana, and Ancient Trees Visit Seattle and you can go for the same type of experience that you can have in most cities. Public buildings, restaurants, shopping, museums, and all the usual places listed in the tourist guide. However, delve a little deeper and you can find far more unique things to do, especially if you’re looking for a more earth-friendly experience. This is a guide to 14 unforgettable things to do while you’re visiting Seattle and the north-west of Washington State. All are low-impact and focus on

The Ballard Farmers Market is the most vibrant open-air market in Seattle I can even say that it’s one of the best markets I’ve ever been to, hands down. Stall after stall of locally grown vegetables, fruit, berries, meat, seafood, mushrooms, and stunning flowers wow you time and time again. Not only is the quality some of the best you’ll see, but the people who grow and produce the wares are often manning the booths. If you can’t grow your own produce, this is the next best thing. This post may

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