Experience a real Hobbit hole at the Children’s Centre Community Farm Everyone loves hobbits. Ask anyone who’s a fan of the Lord of the Rings to choose their favourite character and nine times out of ten it will be Samwise Gamgee. He’s loyal and innocent and determined and without him Frodo couldn’t have saved Middle Earth. He represents the Shire with all it’s comfort, safety, and stability and these same attributes make Hobbit Holes special. As Tolkien described them, “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.  Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, filled

Horses, farm animals, cookery competitions, arts and crafts, local producers, and a fun family day out I remember the first Royal Manx that I visited way back in 2010. It was before I started setting up my own stall at the show so it was a fun and relaxing day of petting draft horses and watching demonstrations. There was live milking, butter making, lumberjack displays, and of course the Ducks of Hazzard, a hilarious performance of duckly daring with creative commentation. I hadn’t laughed so hard in ages. This post

Swim in the waterfall and pool at Cornaa, Isle of Man Every now and again I’ll see photos of this place on Facebook but I’ve never been before yesterday. Sometimes called the ‘Blue Lagoon’, this waterfall and the pool that forms under it are set in a forested glen a short walk from Cornaa Bay, in Maughold. The water is crystal clear and the area under the falls is deep. Probably deep enough to dive into. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support of this site!

One person’s trash is another person’s planter Last year I noticed an old beat up Belfast sink at our allotment community garden. There’s a path that leads from the carpark to the field and someone had left the sink just off to the side of it like they’d unloaded it and were going to move it onto their plot. It sat there for six months before I decided I was going to take it home and give it new life. You can use any sturdy container to grow plants and vegetables

Featuring Sustainable Architecture on the Isle of Man Several weeks ago I was contacted by the team running a year-long project called the Isle of Architecture. They’d come across my posts featuring interesting places to visit on the island and asked if I’d like to be featured in their launch campaign: I love this Building because… I was interested in getting involved but also in helping to discover and bring a spotlight to low-impact and sustainable building on the Isle of Man. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for

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