Weird and wonderful produce Unusual colors, weird scents, bizarre shapes, and gigantic sizes The fruit and vegetable varieties you see in the supermarket are just the tip of the iceberg. What most people don’t see are the thousands of others that never make it commercially or just aren’t grown in the West. Other edibles are made incredible by just the way they’re grown. Here is a list of weird and wonderful produce that will blow your mind, beginning with one that I grow myself. 1. Purple Potatoes Hundreds of different

Handmade Skincare is Easy to Make Imagine walking into the beauty section of your favourite department store. Pots of beautifully packaged creams line the shelves with prices that seem disproportionately large to their sizes. Perhaps you wouldn’t bat a lash at them — the expense is normal. You might change your mind when you learn that the cost of making lotions and creams is really just pennies. Fortunately, lotions can be easy to make yourself. Once you become familiar with the process you’ll also be able to customize recipes for

Natural soap made with an Elderflower Infusion I’m really pleased to introduce you to Jan Berry, who is not only the author of 101 Easy Homemade Products for Your Skin, Health & Home but is coming out with her second book on August 8th. Simple & Natural Soap Making is currently available for pre-order and it will hit the book shelves after that. I’ve had a sneak peek and have only positive things to say — it’s truly a useful and beautiful guide. Jan’s been kind enough to share a

New Rosemary Plants for Free If you have an established rosemary plant, you can use it to propagate dozens of new plants for practically nothing. Propagating is essentially cloning the parent plant and the way that happens is by encouraging pieces of the stem to form their own roots. Rosemary is one of those herbs that roots fairly easily so if you try this method, you should have loads of new plants within a couple of months. Watch the video below to see the process and what a plant I

Earlies, Second Earlies, and Main Crop Know when your potatoes are ready to be dug up and enjoyed One of the easiest edibles to start off with as a beginner gardener is the humble potato. They’re relatively low-maintenance, can help cultivate the soil, and will also suppress any weeds that try to compete with them. They’re also very fun to dig up and eat! But when are potatoes ready to harvest? The answer lies in which type you’ve planted. The vast majority available will fit into the categories of ‘First

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