Instagram is more than just pretty pictures, it’s a place to find inspiration and to sneak a peek into the lives of people both ordinary and famous. Each time you scroll through your feed you’re presented with images from people you admire or want to learn from. Images that quickly show you an idea or a place or the face of someone who could make an impact in your life. As a green lifestyle blogger I’m always on the look-out for inspirational women who can help me start the day

How to find, pick, and use Wild Garlic in fresh spring dishes. This delicious wild edible is a must-have for any wild food forager. It’s late May and getting towards the tail end of wild garlic season. Each year this leafy green herb faithfully emerges from the forest floor, filling the entire area with a soft garlicky scent. Very much else is growing in the garden in early April so those in the know head out to glens and bogs to find it. For the next eight weeks you can

The postman came this week with the usual delivery of letters and parcels, most of them bank statements or odds and ends that I need for work. One package stood out though and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out who it came from. Inside was a handwritten note and a soft pair of half-mittens in natural colours of reddish-brown with accents of blue and green. They were a gift from a woman I’d been speaking to online. I was both delighted and taken by surprise. I love

Build a small pond in the garden to attract frogs. Frogs are an organic gardener’s best friend since they love eating slugs and other garden pests. Although I try my best to garden organically there is one pesticide that I battle with myself over – slug pellets. Without them my leafy vegetables will be transformed into slimy green lace. You can argue for other methods – beer traps, egg shells, picking them off individually but for me slug pellets have always been the best and easiest way to do the

Remember your travels every time you and your friends see your do-it-yourself Personal Travel Map. If you’re a regular reader of Lovely Greens you’ll know that I’m all about stylish, simple, and green living on a budget. I also LOVE travel! While I’m away on trips I’ve now taken to collecting plants as souvenirs but I also wanted something for the house. Something that will remind me of all of my trips and inspire me to plan even more. My handmade and very personal travel map does just that. This

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