Saving the Planet is Good for You Five easy ways that you can celebrate Earth Day while saving money, eating well, getting creative, and helping the environment. Every year on April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day to step back and imagine how beautiful the planet looks from space. That’s our home down there — our only home. Earth day is about giving back to our fragile environment. With so many more people being born every day we’re asking a lot from her. We’re putting more strain on natural

A Gardening Book for Salad Lovers Back in 1984 a revolutionary gardening book was published — The Salad Garden by Joy Larkcom. The hit book focused completely on edibles that can be used in salads, including leafy greens, herbs, root vegetables, and foraged greens. In 2017 it’s back and updated with improved salad plant varieties, new plants like the cucamelon, edible flowers, and organic growing techniques. This book is a bible for those wanting to grow a year-round salad garden. Culinary Gardening at its Best The single most important thing about this

The Colonies need Fresh Brood Comb Last month while I was inspecting my bees it struck me that I haven’t given them fresh frames of beeswax foundation in a while. The beeswax in the brood chamber (where the Queen lives) was old and dark and damaged in places. Though there was no sign of disease or pests I decided it was time to change them out. Why is old beeswax dark? While honeybees can raise baby bees in old beeswax, it’s better to give them new frames every couple of years.

Citronella Oil Tea Lights repel Mosquitoes With summer around the corner we need to think about bugs. Mosquitoes for some, Horse Flies and Midges for others. One thing these biting insects have in common is that they can spoil camping and bbqs for everyone. They also have something else in common — they’re repelled by certain essential oils including Citronella. Citronella essential oil tea lights smell lemony and fresh and will help create a bug-free bubble around your outdoor fun. They’re easy to make, and this recipe shows you how to

You don’t always need to handle lye to make soap There are a number of ways to make handmade soap. Some are ‘from-scratch’ methods and others give you ways to cut down on time and avoid having to handle lye. Each method has their pros and cons and are better for some purposes than others. That means that if you’d like, you could use a number of them in your soap making hobby or business. The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting crafty making soap. 1. Cold Process Soap Making

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