Be prepared with natural remedies by Michelle Van Doren of Seeking Joyful Simplicity Making your own herbal first aid kit doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Having just a few natural remedies assembled and ready to go is a great way to find relief for those minor first aid events that come along. Despite our best attempts to live a healthy and natural lifestyle, sometimes we are faced with the inevitable – cuts, scrapes, sunburns, insect bites, and other minor injuries. We can turn to conventional store-bought remedies, or

Golden sunlight, blue skies, peach coloured clouds, and crisp mountain air We arrived in Port Angeles without a clue as to what we’d be doing over the next four days. The original plan to go on a hiking trip was scrapped so we found ourselves in a crêpe restaurant mulling things over. Little did we know that sitting at the next table was a woman who couldn’t wait to pounce on us with ideas. Thanks to her we had the chance to see a stunning sunset from Hurricane Hill in the Olympic National

The hike around Mother Mountain took us through forests, a lake, alpine meadows, rocky peaks, and back down again. It seems like a holiday for us isn’t complete without a hike or two. In April it was Romania and this time we decided to break up our five week stay with a trek in Mount Rainier National Park. We didn’t have a vehicle or a great idea of where we wanted to hike but somehow it all came together. In the end we spent four days and three nights walking around

There is really nothing like home grown, pasture raised, heritage pork by Charlotte Walker of Walkerland Canadian Homesteading Raising pigs is a complex experience that impacts you in innumerable ways. Pigs will charm you and entertain you. They’ll make you laugh and they’ll probably make you cry too. Being prepared for and understanding what a pig needs to be happy will make the experience of raising them far more enjoyable for both them and for you. It takes time and effort but if someone were to ask me is it

Carrot Seed and Rose Body Butter by Kate Bello of Salt & Ritual Body butters are some of my favorite DIY projects to make at home. They’re super easy to create, yet still feel luxurious. And all you need is a couple of ingredients. One of my favorite beauty products I used to buy were body butters at The Body Shop. I loved the texture and consistency, and their scents were always amazing. I would buy one and be done with it within about four days! This wasn’t very conducive

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