I’ve been a big fan of the Body Shop’s Body Butter and it has been for a long time a staple gift from my husband. The fragrances are so yummy and I just love the feeling of lathering it on. The packaging and design of the labels is also attractive and it seems to convey a message of natural and wholesome beauty. But in looking more closely at what’s listed on the label I realise that I can’t actually identify half of the ingredients. What on earth is Cyclopentasiloxane or

Back in March I started a batch of rosé wine from store-bought white and red grape juice and the usual wine yeast and other ingredients. After about a month of fermentation I racked the wine out of its demi-john and into a new one. After being sealed, this demi-john sat our in our garage from early April. Now five months on, I’m bottling it with the intention of allowing it to age at least three more months before drinking it. That doesn’t mean I can’t steal a sample glass right

I went hunting for blackberries in the hedgerows today but instead came back with a fistful of wildflowers. Though the bloom of summer is coming to an end I found quite a few pretty things: Montbretia, Purple Loosestrife, Fuscia and Blackberry blossoms along with Honeysuckle, Heather, Hogweed, Dandelion, Meadow Vetchling and a few others. What better way to cheer yourself up when you find that the blackberries need another week or so?

It’s been two weeks since the last pottery class and I was so looking forward to be back. We delayed going last week in order to avoid Manx Grand Prix traffic so it seems like ages since we’ve met up. This time around, we were shown how to make pitchers but I think it’s generally been a class consensus that we work on whatever we’d like. So far I’ve only had the chance to make two mugs and a spoon-rest so I wanted to make a few smaller things this

Sounds pretty weird doesn’t it? But after one taste, you won’t even remember a time when you couldn’t use chocolate and beetroot in the same sentence! Just like the carrots used in carrot cake, the beetroot in this recipe adds sweetness as well as rich moist texture. It’s also a great way to use up spare beetroots coming in from the garden this time of year. Chocolate & Beetroot Cupcakes Makes about 16 200g Plain Flour 150g White Caster Sugar 100g Dark Brown Sugar 100g Cocoa Powder 1 tsp Bicarbonate

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